The Vitamin C Tablet You Don't Have to Swallow Whole

Grab the day by the horns with a zesty vitamin c drink instead!

We all want great immune systems, now more than ever. That's why having options on how to get your vitamin c intake makes doing that a lot easier.

We've got vitamin c gummies for the littlies (and for you), but if gummies aren't your thing, our fizzy effervescent tablets will certainly do the trick. Drop just one vitamin c tablet into a glass of water, and get ready to sip (or chug down) a delicious antioxidant drink packed with your daily vitamin c intake.

What is vitamin c good for?

Because the list of vitamin c benefits is long, we'll just focus on the best bits!

  • Immune system strength
  • Vitamin c (ascorbic acid) is an essential pillar in the building of an effective and active immune system. Your immune system fights off germs and bacteria and supports your body's natural defences, instead of falling prey to every ill and chill that reaches your household.

  • Support for collagen synthesis
  • Collagen supports skin elasticity, which in turn supports younger looking and feeling skin as we age. Vitamin C may give collagen the support it needs to do its job properly, especially if you're also taking collagen supplements.

  • Antioxidant cleansing
  • Vitamin C promotes the body's natural cleansing process with powerful antioxidants supporting your health against free radicals (a damaging substance that attacks the body when you digest food or are being exposed to tobacco or radiation).

    Many fruits and vegetables offer up healthy amounts of vitamin c, but due to seasonal produce, there can be times when the amount you're consuming isn't enough - especially during winter. Taking vitamin c supplements improves your chance to enjoy consistent health and wellness. Vitamin c is an essential vitamin and the only way to truly make sure you're getting the right levels of vitamin c is by enjoying daily supplements. Vitamin c is potent when delivered in the form of ascorbic acid, which our vitamin c supplement provides. Even better? You can keep eating as many vitamin c fruits and vegetables as you like alongside it. You can't overdose on vitamin c!

    What does vitamin c deficiency look like?

    When you don't get enough vitamin c, your body can start suffering in minor ways before you start noticing life-impacting changes. Fatigue, gingivitis, slow wound healing and depression are all signs of vitamin c deficiency, as well as being susceptible to ills and chills regularly. Luckily, low levels of vitamin c or vitamin c deficiency are rarely very serious, though some rare cases develop worse symptoms like scurvy. If you feel like you suspect you are suffering from any kind of vitamin or mineral deficiency,  you should always speak with your healthcare professional or doctor for medical advice. Vitamin c supplements provide the extra support your body needs to keep vitamin c deficiency at bay.

    Vitamin c effervescent tablets - a water-soluble vitamin solution

    If a tasty and healthy orange drink in the morning sounds like a doable thing - then consider vitamin c effervescent tablets and get the most of that hydration. Vitamin c rich drinks are hard to come by, but you can easily make sure you are getting your recommended daily dose the easy way with our carefully measured supplements.

    By choosing a dissolving water-soluble vitamin tablet, you are getting a more even distribution of vitamin c right to the part of your body that needs the nutrient the most. Traditional tablets can break down unevenly after being swallowed and cause stomach upset, so if you want a vitamin c boost without discomfort, dissolvable tablets are more the digestible option (and they are yummy, too).

    Each of our dissolvable supplements contains 500 mg of vitamin c in the form of ascorbic acid, as well as magnesium, for that little extra oomph for your sleep support and muscle recovery.

    As always, if you suffer from any health conditions, and aren't sure whether vitamin c supplements are for you -  you should talk to your health professional first before adding any vitamin supplements to your diet.

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