Common supplement ingredients that are a no-go for Vegans

A protein created through boiling animal parts and bones and commonly used in many confectionary and supplement products.
A protein found in vertebrates.
This comes from animal bones and is often found in calcium gummies or supplements.
Beta Carotene or Provitamin A can come from animal tissue, so it’s best to check or steer clear completely.
Milk sugar taken from mammalian milk.
Derived from animal fats.
Also called Choline or Bitartrate, Lecithin is found in every living organism but is commercialised through nerve tissue, milk, blood and eggs. Lethicin which is made from soy will be listed as such.
D3 can be sourced from animal products, so unless stated, steer clear.
In L-Form or Cystine, these amino acids can come from animals.
There are many forms of fatty acids, and they can be a mixture of solid and liquid forms.
This can come from fish liver oil, shark liver oil, egg yolks and other animal sources.
This is derived from pregnant mare urine and cow ovaries, used in contraceptive pills.
Fairly obvious, fish and marine oils are incredibly popular ingredients in many supplements.
Derived from animal glands of different species.
Unless stated as a vegan product, B12 is often sourced from animals.
Sourced from rooster combs.
Found in chicken feathers.
Sourced from shellfish.
This is a steroid hormone that can be sourced from animals.
An enzyme sourced from the tongue glands and stomachs of lambs and calves.