You may be curious as to how you can find Vitamin C naturally in food as support alongside our yummy gummies! Tomatoes and tomato juice, Green and red peppers, Oranges, Mango, Pineapple, Kiwi fruit, Blueberries, Sweet and white potatoes, Spinach
Depending on where you purchase your vitamin c supplements from in NZ, you may get a slightly different ingredients list within the vitamin chew or pill itself. Here at The Good Vitamin Co, We strive to supply a comprehensive chewable vitamin that thoroughly supports everyday wellbeing, energy and ability to live whatever lifestyle that our customers want. There are also different forms that vitamin c supplements can take, such as pills, liquid sachets, chewable tablets and powder. Our vitamin c chewable supplement is so popular due to its delicious taste (natural orange) and ease of use. We supply vitamin c supplements in NZ designed specifically for adults and one specifically designed for children aged 2+ years!
Our deliciously orange flavoured vitamin c supplements for adults are packed with goodness and plenty of benefits. When choosing the right vitamin c supplements for you on the NZ market, we suggest making sure you have read and understood the ingredients list and know that there are no nasties! We make our ingredients list very easy to access and only use ingredients that are allergy-free! This includes no soy, dairy, egg, gluten, gelatin or nuts. On top of that, our ingredients are Halal certified and Vegan friendly! We have designed vitamin c supplements specifically with NZ adults and kids in mind!
Because our vitamin c supplements are chewable, there’s no need to stop to find a glass of water! Instead of popping a pill twice a day, you can easily take our chewable gummy vitamins. Just pop them in your mouth and go! Perfect for an active lifestyle, you can slip the bottle of gummies into your bag, and off you go! They taste delicious, so it won’t be a chore you opt-out of every day, keeping your health fully supported all year!
You can buy vitamin c supplements in NZ from our online store, and we ship countrywide so that kiwis everywhere always have the stock of health support you need! Our site is secure and offers a wide range of tasty, chewable supplement options for children and adults. While you may find The Good Vitamin Co supplements and vitamin c supplements supplied on other NZ sites, your best chance at the best deals is always through our own website here! If you want vitamin c supplements easily accessed from an NZ based website - then we are your team. We take deep care and pride in supplying our customers with only the best and most nutritious supplementation solutions for both adults and children. Daily health should never be a chore but an enjoyable (and tasty) experience! We know that our customers in NZ are an active lot, and so providing vitamin c supplements and other supplements is an important part of being able to keep up with the kiwi lifestyle! We love our great outdoors, and no one should be kept home by ills and chills and miss out!
Yes! Each product has a different benefit / function so it is safe to take different products together.
Yes, our gummies use natural ingredients which are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However as everyone is different, we recommend you ask your healthcare professional before use to be 100% safe.
Pectin is a natural carbohydrate extracted from citrus fruits. Pectin is a natural, gelling and thickening agent, used to make our gummy base, as opposed to animal based gelatine. Pectin fruit also provides direct health benefits such as: aiding digestion, balancing glucose levels and the elimination of heavy metal production in the body.
Halal certified products are FREE from: gelatine, alcohol and non-Halal animal by- products. Thus Halal provides our customers with quality vitamins with better nutritional values. Many major supplement brands usually contain gelatine and animal based ingredients, we use pectin fruit base.
Some children may be allergic to food such as: Gluten, Dairy, Egg, or Nuts. Those children whose allergic to above food may develop symptoms such as: hives, itching, swelling, vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea, trouble breathing, or a sudden low blood pressure. This can be due to an exaggerated immune system to a food protein, and the body triggers an allergic reaction. We want our children to stay healthy and happy, and be active at their ultimate best, which is why our soft chews contain No Gluten, Dairy, Egg, or Nuts.
Each product is not intended for the consumption of children under 2 years old. Children under 2 years of age, are at greater health risk of choking and supplementation is not recommended. Our soft chews are safe for children 2+ years on wards. However, always read the label carefully before consumption.
Store below 25 degrees. Do not refrigerate. Protect from moisture and do not store in direct sunlight. Please store in cool dry place.
Yes, our products are all vegan friendly