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Supporting healthy eyes in the digital world!

Juicy Blueberry Flavour - All natural, of course!


Natural Pectin - Gluten-Free - Vegan-Friendly - No Eggs, Soy, Dairy or Nuts - Halal Certified


For those who regularly spend time on smartphones, computers and other screen-based devices, popping one tasty Lutein soft chew once a day can help absorb some of that harmful blue light and prevent it from causing permanent damage to your tired eyes! This supplement is enriched with vitamins B1, E and A to support healthy vision and to help defend your eyes from free radical attack.

There’s so much to benefit from taking a natural supplement that supports your everyday wellness and is deliciously chewable as well!


Healthy Digestion

Uniquely formulated with natural pectin, our soft-chews aid digestion with a scrummy source of fibre without upsetting your stomach!


Energy Boost

Looking at screens for long periods of time can make your eyes (and brain) overtired, due to blue light damaging the light-sensitive cells in your retinas - regularly overworking them. Taking some of that blue light absorption away will give you an energy perk up as you find your eyes able to cope longer at work or play! 


Supporting Healthy Eyes for Life

Vitamin A is one of our not so secret ingredients that helps protect the surface of your eyes, not just with screen use but in everyday life! Giving your eyes the vitamins they need will support their health in the long-run, as well as the short. Give your eyes the support to keep seeing the world clearly and healthily for life!


Easy and Delicious

Our Soft-chew formula makes for an easy and yummy way to unwind after a busy day of living your best life!


Combatting the Digital Era

Technology springs up around us faster than our bodies can evolve, so giving our eyes the strength they need to keep up in a world of screens is a way to stay ahead of advancements that could damage your health in the long run. Supporting your eye health daily helps you to enjoy all the new technologies that arrive without your eyes suffering for it!


Allergy & Culture Friendly

We pride our products on being Halal Certified, Vegan-Friendly and free of Gluten, Gelatin, Dairy, Egg, Nuts and Soy! (Phew, that was a long list!) We believe everyone deserves easy access to the undisturbed sleep and recovery that they need!

Active Ingredients:

Each Soft-Chew Contains:
Lutein 5% from Marigold: 20mg
Zeaxanthin 1% from Marigold: 2mg
Vitamin A: 125mcg
Vitamin B1: 0.5mg
Vitamin E: 1.5mg
Selenium: 13.5mcg


Soft Chew Excipients, Natural Flavour (Blueberry), No Added Colours.


- Halal Certified
- Pectin Fruit Base
- No Gluten or Gelatin
- No Dairy, Egg, Nuts or Soy 
- Vegan Friendly
- No Artificial Flavours or Colours
- Source of Fibre
- Non Sugar Coated


Adults take 1-2 soft-chews daily, or as advised by your healthcare professional.


Do not use if tamper seal is broken or missing. Vitamins can only be of assistance if the dietary intake is inadequate. If you are pregnant, nursing or on medication, seek the advice of a healthcare professional before use. Contains sugar.


Store below 25°C in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Always read the label and use as directed. Vitamins are supplementary to a balanced diet. The Good Vitamin Co, Auckland

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