Vitamin C for Kids - The Not-So-Secret Trick to Supporting Your Child's Immune System

There's never a bad time of year to give your kids the immunity booster that supports their natural immune health.

Does it seem like your kids are constantly catching a bug and bringing it home? More than ever before, our kids need a little extra help in the immune health department. The more exposure we get to other people and the more germs we encounter builds our natural immune response and overall good health - but lately, we're not doing a lot of mingling. That means both us and our kids are more susceptible to silly little colds and other ills and chills because of vitamin c deficiency that we wouldn't normally notice.

To support a strong and healthy immune system for your child, it's essential to look after it not only during the winter season but beyond it with vitamin c, from foods and from supplements. In fact, supporting your body with ample vitamin c all year round is key to preventing any ills and chills or other viruses and bacteria from going through us like wildfire. Although bugs are usually antagonists during cooler months, they're everywhere, at all times and unfortunately don't take vacations when we do. With good vitamin c immunity boosts from yummy vitamin c supplements every day, bugs have fewer chances to ground your children.


Kids Good Immunity Elderberry + Vitamin C

To assist you with their immune health and make your job as a parent a bit easier, we have developed Kids Good Immunity Elderberry + Vitamin C, a delicious kids vitamin c booster with the added goodness of natural elderberry. These yummy gummies are easy to chew and pack a healthy punch every day to support your children in all New Zealand seasons. And they taste like orange - yum!

Good'ole Elderberry is a natural plant and remedy that has been around for a while, earning a good reputation among grandmas and many generations before them, and it's packed with multiple benefits. But we're here for the main event, our gummies contain Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid, which assists with natural immune health, wound healing and overall good health. To top of the ingredients list of our immunity gummies, we've added Ivy Extract that complements Elderberry beautifully, making this supplement an incredible dynamic trio! Let's talk a bit about their benefits:

The Benefits of Our Kids Supplements

Talking about supporting the immune system, specifically…

While there are plenty of natural foods and fruits where you can obtain vitamin c from ascorbic acid or other forms of vitamin c if you're not cautiously making sure you're eating the exact recommended amount every day, it can be hard to track your actual vitamin c intake. That's why supplements have always been so popular and widely used due to the assurances they bring.

Elderberry is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that support and boost your kid's immune health against viruses and bacteria. In fact, different studies have proved that ills and chills are milder when taking Elderberry while shortening the recovery time. As a natural remedy, Elderberry may also be good for overall respiratory health. 

On the other hand, Vitamin C is an essential nutrient and a great punch to boost the immune system, supporting the function and quality of those cells that fight off unwanted pathogens. As such, it is a vital component in the formation of white blood cells that give us protection against bugs. Besides that, it's excellent support for the skin barrier, our first and most important guard wall! This major vitamin actually makes wound healing a lot faster and Vitamin C can be of great use when dealing with allergies by inhibiting histamines. We have packed our vitamin gummies with ascorbic acid which is a powerful source of vitamin c and allows you to keep track of your actual vitamin c intake every day.

What other benefits are there in these supplements for your kids?

  • Oxidative Stress: Both vitamin c and elderberry have an impressive amount of antioxidants, like phenolic acids, that fight off oxidative stress. When this piles up in our bodies, it can lead to chronic conditions like diabetes, for example, so it's best to manage and avoid oxidative stress as much as possible. All these antioxidants can act as a natural detoxifier and flush out these harmful free radicals and toxins from your child's body.
  • Iron and anaemias: Vitamin C works hand in hand with Iron. Vitamin c makes iron much more absorbable when consumed together. This is really important if your children follow a plant-based diet where iron is hard to come by, so you want to make sure they are absorbing as much of it as possible. Iron-deficiency types of anaemias can benefit enormously from this. (But be wary, not all anaemias are due to iron deficiency!). We always suggest that if you suspect any kind of iron deficiency you should talk to a health professional before turning to supplements.
  • Skin health: Elderberry on its own is also a good source of nutrients. Aside from phenolic acids, it's also high in flavonoids, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Iron. These nutrients are fantastic for the skin to look healthy and radiant while battling against acne, a condition that some of your older children may be starting to experience as they approach their teenage years. They also work by supporting liver detox and purification.


All this from one little gummy?

Another star ingredient in our gummy supplements is Ivy extract - or you can call it by its fancy name "Hedera Helix".

  • It works wonders in supporting respiratory conditions and their treatment. 
  • It's loaded with many antioxidants that promote toxins removal from the body and support the reduction of allergy symptoms. 
  • It also has antiviral and antimicrobial properties that make an excellent ally for your kids' immune health all year round.

Kiwi kids deserve to enjoy life to its fullest by staying active, and a healthy immune system plays a massive role in this. The Good Vitamin Co Kids Good Immunity Elderberry + Vitamin C soft chews were made with your child's immune health in mind, so are the perfect kid’s vitamin c option. They are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, made of yummy natural fruit pectin that prevents sugar spikes.


Giving the best nutritional vitamin c support to your child has never been easier. Our delicious vitamin c and elderberry gummies are loved by kids (and adults, too!), so the battles to take them are something of the past!

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