Aye, aye for iron

When it comes to choosing the best iron supplements Good Vitamin Co’s Good Iron + Vita-C Supplements will keep you sharp and ship-shape


Fun fact – that lovable old rascal Popeye was certainly on to something when he declared “I’m strong to the finich, ’cause I eats me Spinach, I’m Popeye the sailor man! Toot, toot!” 


While there’s no denying the health benefits of spinach, the original iron content of spinach was actually miscalculated – leading the cartoon creators to believe that spinach was the Holy Grail of this marvellous mineral. It’s thought that Popeye was responsible for boosting spinach consumption in the US by a staggering third. 


These days, there are efficient ways of ensuring you’re benefitting from the best iron supplements than guzzling spinach. A healthy diet plays a vitally important role in maintaining your overall health and wellness, but taking a targeted (and tasty) supplement such as our Good Vitamin Co Good Iron + Vita-C Supplements Iron | Supplements | Soft Chews | Gummies | Buy Online NZ | Sale – The Good Vitamin Co will ensure you’re getting the perfect daily dose of this essential ingredient. These soft chews are the ultimate in convenient go-to gummies to give your body the boost it deserves.


So, what makes Iron the metal with the mostest?


Whether you’re pumping iron at the gym, tackling that mountain of ironing in the laundry or ironing out those pesky last-minute details in your latest boardroom brainstorming session. Chances are your brain, brawn and body are benefiting from the countless ways in which iron assists you in performing at your peak. 


In fact, iron is essential for human life. Approximately 70% of the iron in your body can be found in a protein in red blood cells called haemoglobin. If your iron levels are insufficient it can lead to serious health issues.



    • Transports oxygen around the body
    • Helps us to obtain and produce energy from our diet
  • Supports our immune system
    • Builds up our red blood cells and makes our blood red
    • Assists in the process of converting food to energy. Our bodies aren’t capable of producing energy properly without iron.

    The bad news

    Unfortunately, the many demands of our fast-paced, stress-laden lives take their toll. Pressure, poor dietary habits, lack of sleep, and exposure to harmful environmental factors contribute to fact that we’re not getting in enough essential vitamins and minerals. Iron deficiency is actually a very common affliction. 

    Feeling the dreaded “blahs”

    If the zzzzzz are creeping up on you and you’re more tired than normal, chances are you may be iron deficient and suffering from anaemia. many people experience low iron levels. In fact, it’s the most common nutritional deficiency in the world.

    The symptoms of low iron and iron deficiency anaemia are:

    • Lethargy and lack of energy
    • Heart palpitations (where you can feel your heart beating and it might feel irregular)
    • A pale complexion
    • Shortness of breath

    Iron deficiency can be diagnosed with a simple blood test and, fortunately, by ensuring you take one of the best iron supplements in New Zealand (and the world, if we say so ourselves), such as Good Vitamin Co’s Good Iron + Vita-C Supplements, you’ll be right as rain in no time.

    Why is taking the best iron supplements so important?

    Simply put, the best iron supplements replenish the iron that is missing from your body. Our delectable Wild Blackcurrant Flavoured soft chew iron supplements are perfect to support your overall health and give you the push you need to get you through the day! Whether you’re taking them pre-emptively or to help bolster iron deficiency anaemia once it’s been detected – these delicious little dynamos are as irresistible as they are effective. 

    The very best iron supplements are particularly essential if you’re one of the many women suffering from low iron levels due to menstruation, or during pregnancy. During menstruation, women can lose a considerable amount of blood, which means losing a substantial amount of iron too. Wouldn’t it be handy if you could simply enjoy a delicious daily dose of one of the best iron supplements? That’s where Good Iron + Vita-C Supplements come in!

    You’ll also benefit from the best iron supplements if you’re a vegan or vegetarian or you’re suffering from any illness-related issues which can wreak havoc on your iron levels and intake. 

    What exactly are iron supplements and why do we need to take the very best iron supplements?


    In a nutshell, the best iron supplements are concentrated supplements full of iron to replace the iron that is lacking in your body. Iron is not made in the body and must be absorbed from what you eat, so whilst it’s essential to take the very best iron supplements you can – such as Good Vitamin Co’s Good Iron + Vita-C Supplements – you can also try to incorporate an array of iron-rich foods into your diet.


    Food glorious food!


    There are two main categories of iron in foods: heme iron and non-heme iron. Heme iron is present in red meat, poultry, and pork and is the kind that is most readily and quickly absorbed by your body. Non-heme iron is not as well absorbed by your body but there is a decent supply of iron and vital if you don’t eat meat. Foods that are rich in this type of iron include leafy green vegetables (such as Popeye’s infamous spinach), eggs, some breads, pastas and breakfast cereals fortified by iron, beans, dried fruits and tofu. Eating foods that are high in vitamin C, such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, and capsicum, can also aid in the absorption of iron.


    Put the pedal to the metal!


    So, if a stronger body, consistent energy levels, an immune system boost, menstruation support, a helping hand for healthy blood cells and all-round Popeye “pop” of va-va-va voom and vitality is what you need, reach for the very best iron supplements with the most mouth-watering taste – Good Vitamin Co’s Good Iron + Vita-C Supplements. 


    Toot toot (as the inimitable Popeye would say)!