When to take apple cider vinegar

Time to stop puckering up at apple cider vinegar, The Good Vitamin Co’s scrumptious gummies reaps the benefits with none of the bad taste!

Who would’ve thought that health fanatics would still be going wild for apple cider vinegar? NZ folks use it in everything! Salad dressings, marinades, chutneys and even a quick google search will show you ‘30 Ways to Cook with Apple Cider Vinegar’. Almost everyone is trying to incorporate it into their daily routines. And as tasty as honey garlic chicken sounds, it sure doesn't seem as convenient as our Good Vitamin Co Gummy Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements! 

So, why are apple cider gummies good for you? 

Let’s look first at apple cider vinegar, itself. Standing the test of time.

Turns out that apple cider vinegar isn’t so much a flash bang in health trends. It’s been used for thousands of years for its healing properties! Apple cider vinegar can be dated all the way back to 1800-1500 BCE, linking it to an ancient nomadic tribe; the Aryans. The Aryans produced sour apple wine which the Romans and Greeks used to develop into apple cider vinegar. 

It’s crazy how almost every civilisation has benefitted from apple cider vinegar in one form or another. It was prescribed as medicine in Ancient Greece and alternative medicine in China and Africa. In addition to being a treatment for various ailments like dandruff and toothaches, it was even used for disinfecting wounds in WWI. Japanese samurai warriors would drink apple cider vinegar for strength and power and Ancient Persians drank diluted portions to help with fatty tissue. The list goes on, the bottom line is that there are historical records dating ample amounts of uses around the world!

There is no denying this sour and acidic liquid can be quite handy, being used in cooking and for our natural health with the uses we have for it seemingly endless. 

Apple cider vinegar is one of the greatest gifts we could possibly get from nature; its goodness is rooted in the fact that it is a wholly natural product in every step of the production process.

Let’s break it down.

At Good Vitamin Co, we’ve made it much easier to get your daily dose of apple cider vinegar conveniently! What we’ve whipped up is a deliciously irresistible way to get all the goodness, packed in a juicy chew tablet - because who in their right mind would drink apple cider vinegar straight from the bottle? Yucky.

Keep reading on so you stay in the know on how to take an apple cider gummy without wrinkling up your face, and the right time when to take apple cider gummys to best fit your day-to-day life. First, let’s take a deep dive into what is actually in these yummy little gummies.

The bitter… or not so bitter truth about Apple Cider Vinegar!

Each Soft-Chew contains 500mg of apple cider vinegar. NZ! Put that bottle down already. Stand by and get ready to digest these facts!

In the process of fermentation, the sugar from the apples and yeast gets turned into alcohol. By adding bacteria, this ferments the alcohol and turns it into acetic acid - the main active compound in vinegar.

A matter called mother contains strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that give apple cider vinegar that murky look. Sources claim that acetic acid and mother are responsible for the health benefits we get from apple cider vinegar!

A study suggests apple cider vinegar has shown great promise in improving insulin sensitivity by a substantial 19-34%. Ring in the good news to our high blood sugar friends! 

Greatness in Grape Seed Extract!

Our delightfully tasty Good Vitamin Co Gummy Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements contains 10 mg of grape seed extract, which is equivalent to a massive 100 mg of fresh grape seed extract! How good!

But, what exactly makes grape seed extract a supercharger? 

Grape seed extract is made from the seeds of grapes. According to the online experts, it is a potent source of antioxidants that can support the alleviation the oxidative stress, inflammation and tissue damage that transpires alongside chronic diseases. It’s loaded with heaps of the good stuff to improve blood flow, collagen levels, bone strength and kidney function as well as, reduce blood pressure, support your brain and inhibit infectious growth.

Fear not with Fig Extract!

Figs are quite an interesting-looking fruit, resembling a teardrop. The best kind of teardrops though, don’t get it twisted! They’re filled with heaps of tiny little seeds and a deliciously sweet pink centre. 

The variety of health benefits that are potentially offered from figs and their leaves are endless! They’re packed full of nutrients like copper, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6 and vitamin K - all things our bodies need.  

According to research, fig extract may improve digestion and manage blood fat and blood sugar levels. Figs, what magnificent little fruits! This is great considering our scrumptious Gummy Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements contains 10 mg of fig extract. This is equivalent to 100 mg when fresh. 

Victory for Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12!

Vitamins are essential for good health; that's why our delicious gummies are meticulously prepared with vitamin B6 and vitamin B12! Locked and loaded! 

Your body needs vitamin B6 for creating neurotransmitters and regulating homocysteine levels, so it is absolutely crucial to get enough B6 to be in tip-top shape. Vitamin B12 takes charge to support bone health, improving mood and maintaining healthy skin and hair. 

When to take Apple Cider Gummies!

Everyone runs on different schedules and routines so there is absolutely no wrong time to take these delectable gummies. Just pop in 2-4 soft chews a day to get in your hit of apple cider vinegar! NZ has a wide variety of vinegar, but who in their right mind is going to drink it straight from the bottle? We made it an easy and delicious process to incorporate it into your busy - or not-so-busy schedule

Getting your daily dose of the admirable apple cider vinegar has never been easier!

Now that we know how great each and every component are in our deliciously juicy chew gummy, we’re ready to say bye-bye to the bottle for good! The added antioxidant benefits are sure enough to sweep you off your feet and into the arms of our meticulously awesome apple-flavoured supplement.

Our Apple Cider Gummies are 100% gluten, gelatine, egg, dairy, soy, nut-free, artificial flavour & colourant free. They’re also an excellent source of fibre, vegan-friendly, non-sugar coated and halal certified. 

Packed full of supercharged supplements, there's absolutely no reason to not stock up on Good Vitamin Co’s mouth-watering, flavoursome Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Supplement.

There’s no better time to treat your body to the benefits. So if you’re still asking “When’s the best time to take Apple Cider Gummies?” The answer is now!

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