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Pooh Bear’s obsession with “taking good care of his tummy” was pretty solid advice. Making a chum of your tum is critical for fostering overall wellbeing. From your digestive, immune and nervous systems to your mental health – maintaining a healthy gut is essential in assisting our bodies to function optimally. 

And do we have the most incredible “good gut health” go-getter gummies for you?!

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Pro-bi-what now?

When discussing maintaining a healthy and balanced gut, you’ll probably have come across the somewhat perplexing term “probiotic”. As it turns out, it’s not somebody who’s pro antibiotics (see what we did there?). 

You may immediately think of yoghurts or perhaps hazard a guess that they’re some type of kooky sales gimmick. But scientific research has proven that these extraordinary ‘friendly’ bacteria are exceptionally beneficial to our health in many unique ways, maintaining a state of blissful belly balance, boosting vitality, and preventing many ailments. 

So what are these handy little helpers, what makes them unique and what’s the best source of probiotics? In other words, why should we care, and where can we get them?

Probing the world of probiotics – all the pros and none of the cons

Probiotics are single-celled microscopic (invisible to the human eye) good bacteria. Many people associate bacteria with all sorts of nasties that cause infection, but most are harmless. Your body needs these good bacteria to function, such as those in the digestive system. 

The primary role of probiotics or good bacteria is to maintain a healthy balance in your body. It’s like keeping your body neutral. When you’re ill, harmful bacteria enter your body, increasing in number and playing havoc with this natural balance. 

Potent and Proven Probiotics to the rescue 

What’s the best source of probiotics? We may be a tad biased. Still, the best way to ensure you’re getting probiotics is in one super simple dose with our chewable gummy supplements. But there are other healthy ways to add probiotics to your diet. 

When investigating the best source of probiotics, we need to understand (and appreciate) what these little powerhouses are and how they aid our bodies. When consumed, probiotics generally improve or restore the gut flora. There are many ways to up your intake of probiotics. 

If you’re pondering the best source of probiotics, ponder no longer! We’ve rounded up a list of foods that are not only filled with flavour but also contain those all-important gut-friendly probiotic pals.

Okay, so perhaps you’re going to raise an eyebrow or two at the notion that fermented foods are your best friend when discovering what’s the best source of probiotics. Somehow the word “fermented” doesn’t sound too appealing or delicious but be prepared to get your gastronomic groove on! 

Yay for yummy yoghurt

Yoghurt is one of the best sources of probiotics. Yoghurt (made from milk fermented by friendly bacteria, mainly lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria) is one of the tastiest sources of probiotics. Yoghurt is widely available in supermarkets and stores and comes in many fabulous flavours. 

Tantalising Tempeh

Tempeh (a traditional Indonesian food) has proven to boost the concentration of good bacteria—tempeh is produced from soybeans that have been cooked and then fermented.

Keep on kicking with Kefir

Kefir is a yoghurt-like drink with good bacteria. It’s tart and tangy, traditionally made from dairy milk (cow or goat), but non-dairy versions are available. This probiotic contains several strains of friendly bacteria and yeast. Research indicates it can aid digestive issues, improve bone health, and boost your immune system. Give it a try, and your gut will sing its praises! 

Glorious green olives

Whether you’re tempted to pop them in your martini or guzzle them as is, nobody can deny the salty and satisfying treat that is an olive. Brined olives undergo a natural salt-water fermentation process which means they’re rich in Lactobacillus, a type of gut-friendly bacteria.

Marvellous Miso

Miso is a paste from fermented soy used in Japanese and Asian foods. It harbours considerable amounts of gut-friendly bacteria, A. Oryzae.

Amazing aged and succulent soft cheeses 

If we told you the answer to “what’s the best source of probiotics” was as simple and lip-smacking as cheese, we’re pretty sure we’d have your undivided attention. Several kinds of cheese (such as cheddar, parmesan, and some Swiss cheeses, in particular, gouda) are as effective as yoghurt when it comes to topping the bill for foods that are the best source of probiotics, as they provide intact probiotics to the GI tract. 

Clap hands for Kombucha

This fermented sweetened black tea hails from China. It’s known to pack a probiotic punch as it contains yeast species and bacteria, which are beneficial to the gut. 

Naturally Healthy with Natto

This traditional Japanese dish is created using fermented soybeans and is another powerful source of gut-boosting bacteria.

Savour your Sauerkraut

One of Germany’s best-known and most loved national dishes, sauerkraut is essentially finely cut raw cabbage that’s been fermented. It's loaded with good bacteria and surprisingly cheap and easy to make.

Keep reaching for that Kimchi

This scrumptious Korean favourite is your go-to when it comes to solving the dilemma of what’s the best source of probiotics. Look no further than kick-ass kimchi – it’s also made from fermented cabbage, so it’s absolutely loaded with the gut-friendly bacterium, Lactobacillus.

Good Vitamin Co Probiotics Supplements for the WIN!

Adding these “belly buddy” ingredients to your culinary repertoire can only increase your probiotic intake (and spice up your cooking). But when it comes to settling that dilemma of what’s the best source of probiotics, we’d wholeheartedly recommend you simply head on to our online store and stock up on our sensational probiotic supplements. 

With their superb taste, host of health benefits and effortless chewy goodness – there’s absolutely no way you’ll be caught out next time somebody asks you: “what’s the best source of probiotics”. 

Irresistible, effective, reliable, and ridiculously convenient – what more could you ask for in a perfect probiotic?

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