As you probably know, your body absorbs whatever nutrients you put into it. When you eat any of our soft-chew supplements a day, your body is going to absorb those too. We’ve packed the tiny supplements full of hair, nail and skin support to make sure you get the most absorption possible! Biotin is one of the main vitamins responsible for creating healthy hair and nails while they grow, so having a measured dose of it in your body every day will support not only your hair, nails and skin - but also your overall health and wellbeing. When we get out of balance with our minerals and vitamins, our whole body suffers from it. (And we don’t want that!)
Yes! Unless you’re deliberately eating piles of only Biotin rich foods, you are fine to eat foods that contain biotin as well as take our chewable biotin supplements. As always, we recommend that you seek advice from your healthcare professional in NZ before beginning to take any biotin supplements or any kind of supplementation at all. Here are some of the foods that are naturally biotin-rich! Organ meats Eggs Fish Meat Seeds Nuts Sweet Potatoes
Our Biotin supplements are available for all of our NZ customers in a chewable, tasty format that doesn’t require water to swallow them down whole. Our customers love our delicious biotin supplements; some have to stop themselves from eating them all at once! Save the pills for the prescriptions, enjoy natural health support with our yummy chewy supplements instead!
Choosing the best biotin supplements in NZ for your body and lifestyle can feel like guesswork, but when you see the results from the support you receive from our Good Vitamin Co gummies, you will be glad you did not go anywhere else! Our biotin supplements are easy to take, being sweetly strawberry flavoured (with no added nasties) and deliciously chewable. The Good Vitamin Co Biotin Supplements are ideal for the busy person who needs health support on the go!
You can get a hold of our chewable biotin supplements from our online store, based right here in NZ. We offer a secure website with individual or bundles of choices of supplements - including our biotin supplements. The Good Vitamin Co supplies biotin supplements for adults and puts importance on using natural, friendly ingredients with no hidden nasties! While we don’t make biotin chewies for kids, we do offer a range of children’s vitamins through our store so that even the little ones can benefit from healthy vitamin support all year round. Our warehouse ships countrywide, so no matter where in NZ you choose to lay your roots, you can get your stock of biotin supplements delivered to you with ease. Never go a day without proper health support for your hair, nails and skin again!