Get In Sync with Zinc!

Could Taking Zinc Help with Colds? Let’s discuss! 

So what is it about zinc? Is it just a buzzword that’s being thrown around right now, or is it a real contender in the support of our immune systems? 


According to online experts, zinc is vital for your body in more ways than one. It keeps your immune system in check as well as healing wounds and supports growth. It’s a mineral that is essential to keep your body in tip-top condition!


As we get deeper into winter, it gets colder and wetter with no way to escape! It’s crucial to support your body and its functions so you can be on the go, not just in the winter but all year round. The colder seasons often mean we resort to scrambling for home remedies to fight off any nasty bugs when they’ve already taken hold, but supporting your overall health and prevention is key! Zinc is natural, and you might surprise yourself with the amazing benefits that come with taking an easy zinc supplement instead of playing alchemist in your kitchen when you’re already up to your eyeballs in germs.


Without further ado, let’s take a look at what you could be doing to support yourself this winter.


Does Zinc Decrease the Length of Colds? - Will it Make Colds Go Away Faster?

The debate is still open, although you can find people who swear by it all over the internet. While we can’t speak to that, we can tell you a study in Australia in 2021 found zinc supplements can be used to shorten those pesky respiratory infections like the cold, flu and pneumonia - which are running rampant in our environment right now. That Australian study showed zinc to play a vital role in supporting immune system performance, blood pressure and inflammation. It’s not alone either, another zinc treatment study found the test patients' symptoms cleared up within 2 days of zinc supplements. This means that zinc has been directly associated with reduced daily average symptom severity. While we can’t fact check every single study, the indication is pretty strong that zinc is doing a lot of good for our bodies and if getting the ills and chills is not up your alley this winter, it’s definitely worth a look in.


Zinc has been a wildly popular way to fight off symptoms that come with ills and chills of all kinds, so the sensible way to get enough zinc in your diet is to take zinc in the form of a daily supplement. 


The Zinc Takeover

Just as you aren’t excited for the colder months, your kids probably weren’t jumping up and down about it either. Getting them up and about and staying active is essential. It’s time to gear up with our range of Kids Gummies that includes all the good stuff, including our hero, zinc! At The Good Vitamin Co, you can expect to treat your kids with the winter wellness they need. It's as easy as pie, pop in a deliciously chewable gummy that has all the benefits you need to protect your little ones this winter.


Let’s take a peek at the supplements we’ve got covered for your kids. 


First up we’ve got the Kids Good Health Multi, this gummy boosts energy and everyday wellness. It also supports energy levels, the immune system and skin. Packed with a whooping 500mcg of zinc, all in just one delicious soft chew. 


Next on the lineup is the Kids Good Vita-C + Zinc. This germ crusher guards your kids like armour to support their protection against any nasties they might encounter in their active lifestyle. This gummy is packed with 3mg of zinc. It’s full of vitality and natural goodies to support your kid's immune system while they play and explore. 


Finally, we’ve got the sniffle stopper - introducing Kids Good Elderberry + Vita C Immunity Supplements. Just like all our gummies, it’s naturally healthy and delectable! These delicious chews have 1.5mg of zinc, making them a superb way to incorporate supplements into your kids' daily routine and give your kids the extra support they need to fight off germs more effectively. 


While we recommend zinc for all kids, getting advice from your child’s doctor before they start any kind of supplementation is the way to go. 


How Much Zinc Should I Take?

Zinc isn’t just in our supplements, they’re also in the food we eat! It’s recommended by health care providers to get your daily dose of zinc through food and supplements to fulfil your daily quota. According to experts, the amount of zinc you should take depends on a few factors like age and sex. 


According to Everyday Health, these are the daily recommended zinc dosages. Children aged 7 months to 13 years are recommended to ingest a daily average of 3 to 8mg a day. Women aged 14 to 20 years and over are recommended to ingest a daily average of 8 to 9mg a day, with the exception of 11 to 13mg when they are pregnant and breastfeeding. And men aged 14 years and over are recommended to ingest a daily average of 11mg a day. Take into account that these recommendations are the highest amount of zinc you can safely take from food and supplements. Zinc up safely!


Feast Yourself on these Zinc Fuelled Foods!

You can get zinc naturally from food which is great because your body doesn’t actually store zinc. It’s important to ingest enough zinc to meet your daily requirements since zinc deficiency is quite common amongst children, women and the elderly. Get your pots and pans out and start prepping some recipes! Here is a list of foods that are surprisingly high in zinc.


  1. Red Meat (beef, lamb and pork) - 4.8mg of zinc
  2. Shellfish (oysters, crab, mussels and shrimp) - 8-32mg of zinc

This high amount of zinc can be credited to oysters - 6 oysters can provide 32mg of zinc!

  1. Legumes (beans, chickpeas and lentils) - 2mg of zinc
  2. Nuts and seeds (pine nuts, cashews, almonds, hemp and pumpkin seeds) - 3mg of zinc
  3. Dairy (milk and cheese) - 3mg of zinc

It also contains protein, calcium and vitamin D! What a fantastic all-rounder!

  1. Firm tofu - 4mg of zinc

For our vege friends! Tofu is protein-packed and full of zinc!


Get Your Hands on Zinc!

So now that we know how zinc can support us this winter, its benefits and what food we can find them in - it’s time to get armour up and fight the nasties. 


Our delicious Good Vitamin Co gummies are all 100% gluten, gelatine, egg, dairy, soy, nut-free, artificial flavour & colourant free. They’re also vegan-friendly, non-sugar coated and halal certified. 


Zinc supplements go hand in hand with a tonne of other supplements, especially vitamin C and multivitamins. They work together in harmony to support the absorption of zinc in your body. Get the most out of your zinc supplements by shopping our range of gummies online here.


Time to take action and fight against any nasties so you can do more of the things you enjoy.


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