The early bird gets the good health worm

Gearing up for great health early on is your first and best defence when it comes to living a long and happy life of wellness and healthy contentment. 

It was the famous and gorgeous Italian actress Sophia Loren who once said: “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”

This timeless sentiment perfectly complements our holistic outlook on living your best and healthiest life. 

Although there may not be an actual “fountain of youth” (wouldn’t that be great though?), you can certainly adopt a few very simple and practical steps early on to give your body and mind the best shot at attaining that vitality, joie de vivre and va-va-va voom that the stunning Sophia alluded to. 

That hackneyed adage of “prevention is better than cure” really does apply when it comes to pre-empting and protecting your health, and you’re never too young to start taking steps to combat the diseases, disorders and conditions associated with ageing. 

In fact, it’s been proven time and again that even while in utero babies benefit significantly from the healthy routines of their mothers. Factors such as Mom taking antenatal supplements which contain essential pregnancy vitamins and minerals (especially vitally important ones such as folic acid which prevent spina bifida and are a component of our Good Multi Vitamin Supplements and getting sufficient exercise, being well hydrated and abstaining from harmful substances – can kick start Baby’s road to optimum development and vitality. 

Realistically speaking we can’t and don’t always get all the essential nutrients from our food. Which is why the Good Vitamin Co range of versatile, targeted supplements for all ages is the perfect safety net – providing all the right goodies your body (whether it’s still growing or already grown up) needs to perform optimally in an increasingly challenging and demanding world. 


Don’t delay – seize the day!

By choosing to incorporate the Good Vitamin range of digestive health supplements, skin health supplements, eye health supplements, and bone health supplements into your lifestyle – you’re future-proofing your health and wellbeing – from the inside out!

The steps we take now to safeguard our health and wellbeing can have far reaching consequences further down the line. If you’re in your 20s or 30s chances are you’re reaping the many rewards of being in the so-called “prime of your life”. But now is definitely not the time to rest on your laurels. 

Issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, and strokes are probably very far from your mind. However, as Dr. Erin D. Michos, Associate Professor of Medicine within the Division of Cardiology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine says: “There’s no doubt that how you live the first half of your life not only impacts your current state, but it also affects how healthy you’ll be in the second half of your life.”

Recent research shows that some disorders related to older age are impacting younger adults, while others are greatly affected by what you do in your 20s and 30s.

We’re noticing a dramatic rise in risk factors like high blood pressure and high cholesterol in younger adults, partly due to the epidemic of sedentary lifestyles, combined with poor dietary habits. 


The Good News

It’s vital to know that these risk factors are largely preventable. If you’re in your 20s and 30s and willing to make lifestyle changes now, you can significantly lower your risk of developing these health issues later down the line. 


How can you reduce your risk?

The best time to start practising healthy routines? Now, now, and NOW! 

Juggling the demands of studying, career, marriage, and parenting (depending on what stage you find yourself in – and, let’s face it, these days it’s highly likely you’ll be trying to keep most, if not all, of those balls in the air) can take its toll. Often, we relegate self-care right to the bottom of the list, to fit in all the other “must do’s”. But it’s absolutely non-negotiable that you make the time NOW to do the things that will have a major impact on your health later in life.

“If you’re able to reach middle age with low cholesterol, ideal blood pressure, an optimal weight, not smoking and not diabetic, you’ll be less likely to ever develop these conditions we’re talking about,” Michos says. “Whether you live free of chronic diseases after the age of 50 really depends on the actions you take now.”


The Super Seven Steps to create a healthier future:

  • Superfoods to the rescue! Consume a healthy diet packed with wholesome, fresh produce and vitality-boosting nutrition.
  • Be BP Savvy: Keep your blood pressure in check.
  • Step it up! Increase your daily activity.
  • It’s a no-brainer - quit smoking.
  • Keep those sweet tooth cravings at bay! Reduce your blood sugar.
  • Don’t pile on the pounds. Stay within a healthy weight.
  • Happy heart, happy you! Control your cholesterol.


Digestive health supplements for the win!

Our digestive health supplements Good Probiotics Supplement protect your gut health with healthy digestive enzymes, providing balance for unsettled tummies and keeping your bad gut bacteria in check. If you’re wanting to slim down, try our delicious Good Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements for appetite curbing and an added healthy dose of gut cleansing. 


Skin Health Supplements to keep your skin silky & supple

When it comes to drinking from that elusive fountain of youth, you’ll be thrilled to know we’ve got your skin, hair and nails covered too. Our skin health supplements such as the Good Collagen Supplements and Good Biotin Supplements provide all the support you need for strong nails, luxurious hair and glowing skin. Add our delectable Good Ageless Vitamin E soft chew Supplements to the mix and you’ll have a clear and radiant complexion in no time. 

Eye like it! Eye health supplements to combat digital fatigue

We all know the perils of extended screen time. Fortunately the Good Vitamin Co delectable Good Lutein eye health Supplements not only support the absorption of those potentially harmful blue light rays, they can also circumvent permanent damage to your eyes – which is good news as we grow older and our eyesight can start to deteriorate. Enriched with Vitamins B1, E and A these eye health supplements are just the ticket to defend your eyes against free radical attack. 

Protecting your bone health is a no-brainer

It’s a well-known fact that as we age our bodies start breaking down bone faster than we can make new bone to replace this process of “degeneration”. This can unfortunately lead to issues arising such as lack of mobility, stiffness, arthritis and general aches and pains.

By ensuring you get sufficient calcium in your diet from a young age (and continuing into your 20s and 30s) is of critical importance to safeguarding your body’s ability to continue maintaining healthy bones and “bank” sufficient bone matter replacement.

Our adults’ bone health supplement Good Vita D contains vitamin D, the cheerily named and vitally important sunshine vitamin – which perfectly supports the absorption of any calcium you are consuming through food. Vitamin D also supports your immune system and muscle strength and balances your mood.


Start as you mean to go on

Other handy health tips to incorporate into your routine would be to use a pedometer to keep records of your activity levels, to try and track your calories with a food diary and also to always ensure you go for regular medical check-ups, such as blood pressure, cervical smears and prostate exams. 

All of these self-care steps have profound and long-lasting ripple effects. By choosing to fit in daily exercise, take important supplements and prepare healthy meals you’re influencing those around you positively – whether it be friends, family, or the next generation.