Putting the YOU back in youthful!

With Good Vitamin Co’s range of supplements, you can put your best foot forward by staying one savvy step ahead of the ageing process

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? We all wish we could look objectively into that mirror and be delighted with what we see, but the truth is that with every passing year, we notice another one or two tell-tale signs of ageing. 

Whether it’s a laugh wrinkle or an extra “character freckle” – life has a way of adding a patina of almost imperceptible signs, subtly reminding us that nobody is immune to the inevitable march of time. But fortunately, there’s absolutely no reason for despair and every reason to celebrate, welcome and, indeed, delight in this amazingly empowering and inspiring journey! 

With the sensationally effective and unbelievably convenient and versatile range of Good Vitamin Co skincare supplements (such as the confidence boosting and mouth-wateringly yummy Collagen gummies https://www.thegoodvitaminco.co.nz/collections/skin-care-health-supplements-soft-chews-gummies/products/good-collagen-supplements) and Good Biotin Supplements https://www.thegoodvitaminco.co.nz/collections/skin-care-health-supplements-soft-chews-gummies/products/biotin-supplements-soft-chews-gummies (which will totally convince you of all the benefits of taking biotin supplements), you’ll be getting all the nutrients your body needs to maintain supple skin, strong nails and lustrous hair.


What’s the skinny on skin ageing?

If you’re in your 40s chances are you’ll be giving some due consideration to the most effective ways to not only maintain your youthful looks, but also stave off the most detrimental effects of ageing when it comes to your appearance. 

The places on our body where we begin to notice signs of ageing are the face, hair and nails. Good Vitamin Co has specially formulated collagen supplements with these target areas in mind. But before we delve into the many benefits of taking biotin supplements and remembering to savour your delectable daily Good Vitamin Co collagen gummies, let’s investigate the real reasons why our skin ages.

There are many factors which cause our skin to age – some of these we can influence, while others are beyond our control. Over time we all undergo the natural ageing process, which means we’ll get those pesky lines on our face, and it will inevitably lose some of its youthful fullness. We may also find our skin becomes drier and thinner. Your genetic makeup has a lot to answer for when it comes to how fast and how apparent this process takes place. In other words, some of us “don’t age a day”, while others may endure a little more “wear and tear” as the years progress. The medical term for this form of ageing is “intrinsic ageing”.

However, the other type of ageing that plays a huge role in how ageing affects our skin is referred to as “extrinsic ageing”. This is where our lifestyle choices and environmental circumstances may cause our skin to age prematurely. This is also, however, where you can step in and make a considerable positive impact by taking some pre-emptive measures to slow down the consequences and outcome of this type of ageing. 

By incorporating Good Vitamin Co’s skincare supplements into your daily regime, you’ll give yourself a superpowered head start on combating the issues which crop up as the candles on our birthday cakes mount up. 


Collagen Come Hither

By now you’ve probably had to have been stranded on a desert island to have escaped the buzz surrounding collagen. Collagen supplements have revolutionised the health and beauty industry – taking the world of anti-ageing by storm and creating a following amongst scores of people across the globe eager to reap the many benefits of this wonder supplement. 

Collagen truly is nature’s answer to getting your glow on. The benefits of our scrumptious ripe peach flavoured collagen gummies are infinite, with special emphasis on taking care of your skin, nail, joint, hair, muscle and gut health. 

Good Collagen https://www.thegoodvitaminco.co.nz/collections/skin-care-health-supplements-soft-chews-gummies/products/good-collagen-supplements is made from marine collagen peptides rich in type 1 and type 3 collagen - key components in targeting the signs of ageing. Marine collagen is derived from fish collagen peptides. This collagen has the most bioavailable and potent source of collagen, making it easily absorbed by the body. 


Biotin for the win

Biotin (Vitamin B7) is vitamin which is present in foods such as milk, bananas, and eggs. It plays an essential role in the enzymes responsible for breaking down substances in the body such as carbohydrates and fats. A lack of biotin can lead to thinning of the hair, and nails that break easily. 

Biotin is nature’s secret weapon when it comes to sporting supple, clear skin, luscious locks of hair and injecting vitality and strength into brittle nails that break at the drop of a hat. It’s not always practical to get sufficient biotin from your diet alone. That’s why the many benefits of taking biotin supplements such as our yummylicious summer strawberry flavoured Good Biotin https://www.thegoodvitaminco.co.nz/collections/skin-care-health-supplements-soft-chews-gummies/products/biotin-supplements-soft-chews-gummies soft chew gummies make this a sensationally convenient and tasty option for your daily dose of biotin goodness. 


Give us an “E” for Excellent Vitamin E

When it comes to anti-ageing superheroes, Vitamin E most definitely wears the cape and saves the day! 

Vitamin E is a fabulously powerful antioxidant that shields cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. Premature ageing can be exacerbated by these radicals, which include the toll that daily stress, UV radiation from the sun (which as we know in New Zealand packs a hefty punch) and cigarette smoke. 

Vitamin E can assist in slowing down the process of cell degeneration which in turn keeps the skin appearing more youthful for longer and the visible signs of ageing at bay. Not only your skin will be thanking you – Vitamin E also contributes towards general cardiovascular wellness, so your heart will be happy and healthy too. 

Our Good Ageless Vitamin E Supplements https://www.thegoodvitaminco.co.nz/collections/skin-care-health-supplements-soft-chews-gummies/products/good-ageless-vitamin-e-supplements provide exactly what your body needs for a delightful and effective daily dose of Vitamin E. 


And that’s not all!

When it comes to skincare supplements and general anti-ageing supplements Good Vitamin Co has you covered. Apart from the myriad of unbelievably useful advantages of our always popular products such as the Good Collagen, Good Biotin and Good Ageless Vitamin E supplements we also recommend you add these bad boys (uhm, we mean good guys) to your arsenal when it comes to giving Father Time a run for his money.

Our Good Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements have all the amazing benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar with none of the unpleasant taste. In fact, they’re so irresistibly moreish you’ll be looking forward to your daily dose! With the additional antioxidant perks from grape seed and fig, as well as Vitamin B for superior, silky and oh so satiny skin – these temptingly tasty apple flavoured supplements are yet another must-have when it comes to supporting your weight management goals and detoxing. 


Make the most of what you see in the mirror

None of us can turn back time, let alone stave off the inevitable and somewhat daunting process of ageing, or even alter what we see in the mirror. But we can definitely give ourselves the very best chance at ageing gracefully, imbued with health, wellbeing and vitality by adding Good Vitamin Co’s essential supplements to our regime. Because as one famous cosmetic brand says, “you’re worth it”. And we couldn’t agree more!