5 Benefits of Probiotic Supplements for gut health

Probiotics - Supporting your lifestyle with balanced gut health

Our top 5 benefits for taking a daily probiotic to support a settled stomach

A troubled stomach can cause discomfort and havoc in your day to day life - making you self conscious about where the nearest bathroom is at all times and making you feel like you can’t enjoy the foods you like. Adding probiotics into your daily diet can radically change the balance of your stomach for the better. Trying to stick to a diet that may help to address these imbalances in your body can be frustrating, and it’s hard to make sure that everything you eat over the course of the day is not going to potentially trigger an upset. What if it’s actually easy to get what you need for good gut health?


What are probiotics?

Your body is constantly producing both good bacteria and bad bacteria. When these bacteria are in balance, you are in generally good health. When you get sick, your body’s bad bacteria increases and overtakes the good bacteria - which throws your body out of balance. Probiotics are living microorganisms of good bacteria and yeast, which naturally thrive in your body. Probiotic supplements can be consumed when our balance is a bit out of whack, they work by eliminating the excess of bad bacteria causing mayhem on your insides and restoring order. The bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that live in your stomach are commonly referred to as your ‘Gut Flora’, and these are prone to becoming out of balance as we consume different kinds of foods, and suffer from different kinds of ills and chills throughout our lifetimes. Every single human’s personal gut and body microbiome is unique to them; no two are the same - not even those belonging to identical twins! That’s why it can come as a surprise when they get thrown off balance at any given time, it may even be hard to figure out why this is happening, but probiotics are universally agreed to be beneficial in its support of recovery. 

Probiotics can be prescribed when we are told to take antibiotic medications to fight infections, to stop the antibiotics from destroying too much of the good bacteria while it kills the damaging bacteria in order to make us well again. However, Antibiotics don’t discriminate when they target bacteria and end up killing both good and bad which can make our stomachs pretty unhappy. Probiotics work hard for your gut flora to keep the good bacteria from being wiped out completely. 


What are the benefits of adding probiotics to your daily diet?

  • Daily Stomach Comfort
  • Daily management of your gut flora bacteria balance is important for supporting everyday wellness and comfort for your stomach. 

  • Supports Proper Digestion
  • Probiotics support your gut to properly digest your food by promoting the growth of the right kind of bacteria that breaks down everything you eat! Without that bacteria, your body won’t efficiently digest the food you are taking - which can lead to stomach upset. 

  • Stops Bad Bacteria in its tracks
  • By having a healthy dose of probiotics every day, you are pre-empting the influx of bad bacteria and combatting it from the start. This supports your immune system and can stop ills and chills from taking hold so often!

  • Adds Regularity To Your Day
  • By having a healthy gut balance, your stomach is less likely to cause you stress and make you keep tabs on where the nearest bathroom is at all times. Loose bowels and irregular bowel movements don’t have to rule your life with the support of probiotics curbing the intensity of your gut’s imbalance. 

  • Supports Energy Levels
  • A happy stomach that is digesting food correctly means that the energy consumed from food is sent to the right places, where you need them - giving you the boost of energy you require to live your best life! 


    Where can you easily find probiotics?

    While probiotics exist in foods like yoghurt, sourdough bread, kombucha, miso soup and many more - if you forget to eat something that is probiotic-rich, you can find your bacteria quickly running wild as nothing combats it. For an easy, quick solution to make sure you are getting the support from probiotics daily without having to think too hard about it - we have the solution!


    We like to throw in some extra support.

    Our soft-chew probiotic supplements are delicious (naturally peach flavoured), contain some of the great benefits of probiotic supplements for gut health, and are easy to take on-the-go! They are rich with scientifically validated probiotics called Lactospore® and Lactobacillus DDS®-1 for ultimate stomach support. Lacto-what?!! These probiotic extras sound pretty wild! Let’s check out what this actually means! Lactospore is a branded probiotic, in other words, it works so well to restore your gut health a company has registered the name! The name comes from ‘Lactospore acidophilus’ and this incredible good bacteria has been used widely to restore law and order in the gut. Some people take it for Crohn's disease, it has been used to treat kids that have had rotavirus and some chemotherapy patients take it as a possible therapeutic to restore the important Lactospore flora in the after treatments.


    When you need to keep things moving.

    And what the heck is Lactobacillus DDS®-1?! This is one of the most widely researched acidophilus strains on the market, it was discovered and isolated in 1959, and is thought to cover the benefits of probiotic supplements for gut health in a range of ways. Some studies say it helps with your overall digestion, keeps you regular and may even reduce uncomfortable bloating! Because dealing with uncomfortable gas or the effects of lactose intolerance can be socially debilitating for some people, adding some Lactobacillus DDS®-1 to your day could even help with anxiety.


    The Prebiotic (Inulin), Gummies with a side of fructan!

    Taking Lactobacillus DDS®-1 in conjunction with Lactobacillus DDS®-1 and a Prebiotic means you are coming at your gut health from every angle. Inulin is a great way to increase the good bacteria in your body - it heads to your bowel and stays there, multiplying the good stuff. Getting all three of these gut champions in one adult probiotic soft chew makes perfect sense. Inulin is a prebiotic fibre, this means it can be helpful for digestion, it is actually a fructan that can travel to the lower gut and hang out there helping the good bacteria to multiply. Inulin has been used to support diabetics, as a possible support for those wanting to lose a little weight, and as a potential way to lessen the symptoms of IBS.


    Made mindfully.

    Our Probiotic supplements are allergy-friendly, each soft-chew is made from natural pectin and is free from dairy, eggs, soy, nuts, gluten, gelatin. These Gummies are also both vegan-friendly and Halal certified. Everyone should have access to the benefits of natural stomach support, and we know you’ll love our delicious soft-chews that work hard to protect you so that you no longer need to give it a second thought!


    Enjoy a freer life with balance today!
    Always read the label and use as directed. Vitamins are supplementary to a balanced diet.
    The Good Vitamin Co, Auckland