Do Kids Need to Take Multi-Vitamins?

What you need to know about vitamins for kids!

Hey Mum and Dad! Welcome!

You’re probably here because your kids are living active, busy lives (how many extracurriculars is school going to give them?!) and you want to know if it’s worth stocking up on multi-vitamins to support their health and lifestyle demands. 

Children seem invincible - until they suddenly don’t. Ills and chills can floor our kids, turning them into unmoving, miserable little people. There is a solution, and while it’s not a ‘solve all ills’ magic cure, it definitely helps. 

The solution is: Multi-Vitamins! 

Your kids’ bodies are made up of a complex mixture of vitamins, and only when they are all in balance and nicely topped up can they continue to run around and stay on top of their daily activities. We all know what happens in the colder months, or when their schedules suddenly get more hectic than usual...the dreaded ills come knocking and derail the whole family’s plans. 

Supporting your child’s health is now easier than ever. A natural multi-vitamin designed for kids acts as a pre-emptive booster, packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals your child needs to properly support their immune system and their ability to combat fatigue, which can lead to germs taking hold. Your child’s vitamin and minerals store can run out, and fast, just like any nutrient in the body, so it makes sense to combat the depletion of minerals before it ever happens!

Which kids are most likely to need multivitamins or other supplements?

-  Those following a vegetarian or vegan diet. Although there are many acceptable plant alternatives to vitamins and minerals found in meat products, it is common for both children and adults to suffer from some kind of depletion once in a while on a veggie diet! 

- Kids with any conditions or illnesses that hinder the absorption of nutrients - or require more nutrients than others. These can include Celiac disease, cancer, cystic fibrosis, or inflamed bowels. 

- Kids that are super picky eaters! If your little one baulks at the idea of eating a wide variety of foods, they could quickly become depleted in essential vitamins and minerals they’d normally get through their food. 

- Any kids that enjoy an especially active lifestyle!

While we recommend multivitamins for all kids, getting advice from your child’s doctor before they start any kind of supplementation is the way to go. They are doctors, we are not! Our children’s range is suitable for children 2 years of age and older, and we always recommend that you use the supplements as directed. 

What’s actually in a Kid’s Multivitamin? 

Multi-Vitamins are exactly as they sound - a deliciously chewable vitamin that is packed with LOADS of vitamins! When your child chews one of our tasty soft chews once or twice daily, they benefit from having a healthy dose of different multivitamins flooding their bodies (no matter if they are avoiding certain vitamin-rich foods, or winter has rolled around!) Depending on which supplier you get your multi-vitamins from, the ingredients can vary and the amounts of each vitamin. Our yummy Good Vitamin Co soft chew multi-vitamins for kids contains the following!

Vitamin A | Vitamin C | Vitamin D | Vitamin E | Vitamin B2 | Vitamin B3 | Vitamin B6 | Folic Acid | Vitamin B12 | Biotin | Vitamin B5 | Calcium | Phosphorus | Zinc | Magnesium | Copper | Selenium | Potassium


  • A pectin fruit base
  • Natural flavour (raspberry)
  • Natural colour (black radish)
  • Soft-chew excipients

Our Kid’s Multivitamins are Allergy Friendly!

No, really! We make all of our vitamin supplements free of dairy, soy, nuts, eggs, gluten and gelatin! They are vegan-friendly and Halal certified for your peace of mind! 

Multi-Vitamins are essential for growing kids to support their daily health, making sure they get the best of everything when it comes to minerals and vitamins. Ward of nasty ills and chills and keep your child’s health supported all year round!

Find our delicious multivitamins for kids here! 

We offer loads of different vitamins for kids, so if you have any questions at all - feel free to message us here!