Our take on the benefits of taking Biotin supplements to support hair, skin and nail health


Supporting Healthy, Strong Hair With A Daily Dose of Biotin! 

Do you suffer from problems with thinning hair or brittle nails? Get your Biotin levels back on track with The Good Vitamin’s Co deliciously chewable Biotin supplement gummies and give your hair and hands the support they need! 


What is Biotin?

Biotin is the naturally occurring vitamin that falls under the B Complex umbrella of vitamins and can be found in many different food types. Also known as Vitamin H, it supports your body to convert food into energy. Taking carbohydrates and making glucose is one of the main jobs for Biotin, it’s not stored in the body though so you need to keep it topped up. The word ‘Biotin’ is actually derived from the ancient Greek word “biotis”, which translates to “sustenance” or “life”. We think the Ancient Greeks are definitely onto something here! Biotin is a crucial nutrient that we often forget about, but it supports our skin, nails, hair, and overall health. Like all vitamins, there is a risk of not getting enough of Biotin from your natural diet - which is where we come in! Taking a natural Biotin supplement is easy even when you’re on-the-go, and with the Good Vitamin Co. Biotin Gummies, you can get your daily dose of without having to cook a biotin-rich meal.


Hair, Hair, Beautiful Hair!

There is nothing better than a good hair day! Waking up and meeting yourself in the mirror with locks that are luscious, thick, and shiny is the best start to any day of the week. Biotin supplements support the production of keratin for your hair, they also may offer support for your scalp, reducing itchiness and dandruff. If you are very good and take your Good Vitamin Co. Biotin Gummies on the regular, you may even encourage your hair to grow faster and thicker! It is generally recommended that you get your daily Biotin needs orally, so these little chewy numbers are just the ticket. 


Nailing It With Biotin Supplements

Our hands say so much about how we take care of ourselves and tatty, brittle nails can let you down when you are reaching for your latte - or a promotion! However, if you are getting all the Biotin you need each day from the Good Vitamin Co. Biotin Gummies you could see good results in the condition of your nails very quickly. The fatty acids that are supported in the body when your Biotin levels are at an optimum level are thought to produce stronger nails with less breakage or ridging. Each Biotin Gummy contains 2.5mg of Biotin, which sits nicely within the recommended daily range for adults, it’s such an easy way to support your nail health!


Which Foods Contain Biotin?

Many foods are rich in natural Biotin, but the way these foods are processed can oftentimes reduce the levels or impede the absorption potential of the Biotin by your body. Taking the Good Vitamin Co. Biotin supplement provides you with peace of mind because one Gummy every day will ensure that you are always getting a healthy dose. Most naturally occurring Biotin is bound to protein, so it can be harder for vegetarians and vegans to get their fair share of this great stuff into their diets, but there are alternatives to meat that also hold high levels of this crucial vitamin.


Biotin-rich foods

We all know the benefits of good nutrition and if you can cook - and have the time to - you may be able to keep on top of all the various vitamins and minerals you need to digest every day so that you have everything on board to live your best life. Lots of us don’t cook, and most of us are pushed for time, so the Good Vitamin Co. Biotin Gummies are an ideal way to supplement your busy lifestyle with those all-important B Vitamins. There are a few foods that some of us do eat every day, such as whole-wheat bread, milk, and cheddar cheese that contain some Biotin. When you are looking at grabbing some fruit for your lunch you can get a little Biotin when you reach for a banana or an apple.


Biotin Supplements for Vegans and Meat Eaters

When it comes to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle you may be working even harder to keep your Biotin levels where they should be. You can get a touch of Biotin when you scatter some sunflower seeds or roasted almonds on your salad, sweet potatoes are a good source, and topping up with spinach or broccoli will help you hit that sweet spot. For the meat-eaters, you want to reach for the liver or kidney first (do you really though?!), and you can get a bit of Biotin into your diet with cooked whole eggs - plus pork or beef will top you up somewhat. If you want to do your body a favour, reach for the Biotin supplement NZ’ers love, every Good Vitamin Co. Biotin Gummy is vegan, gluten-free, and halal certified.


Additional Benefits of Biotin

Outside of the benefits for your hair and nails, there are a bunch of other things which may also be supported by taking a regular Biotin supplement.

    • Clear Skin - Biotin is said to support your skin for a clearer, fresher, more youthful glow. Some studies say your skin may become more hydrated, and some people have reported that Biotin supplements have helped reduce the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema, this may be because it supports the healthy function of your oil glands. 
    • Healthy Digestion - Biotin is said to support healthy absorption of foods, energy levels, and overall gut health! A recent study posits that Biotin supplements may even be beneficial for those people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), and there are also some indications that there may be a link between increased gut inflammation and Biotin deficiency.
    • Better Brain Function - Heard of the myelin sheath? Biotin may support the myelin sheaths that protect the nerves in your brain, ensuring your brain is running in tip-top shape! One of the immune responses in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an attack on the myelin sheath, so Biotin supplements are now being studied as a way to support those with MS too!


Lack Of Biotin

A lack of Biotin is said to cause some quite severe indicators, including affecting mood and being a factor in some cases of depression. Some people have reported skin rashes, and there are even reports that it can contribute to insomnia! A deficit of biotin has even been noted to contribute to hair loss! Hair loss can be a huge deal, and it can be particularly devastating for women, God Vitamin Co. Biotin Gummies hedge your bets by dishing up the optimum dose of Biotin into your body every day. When you are busy and tired you may forget to include those protein-building foods in your diet and this is where the Biotin supplements NZ’ers love really shine.


Take back your energy and confidence today with our Good Vitamin Co. chewable Biotin Gummies. Head towards feeling great and try Biotin as great support for longer, thicker hair! 

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Always read the label and use as directed. Vitamins are supplementary to a balanced diet. 

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