- 21 July 2017 -

"Russell Birdman Festival July 14th -18th!"

To show our support and as promised to all our distributors that we will attend an event to help with the marketing of their Pharmacy and of course of our Good Vitamins available in store.

The recent event we attended on the 15th of July was "The Birdman Festival" held in Russell Bay of Islands. Attending this event was to show our support to Russell Pharmacy who have enjoyed selling our products since April 2017, and have been doing really well selling & introducing our range to their customers.

The crowd was surprisingly large, we had no idea what the turn out would be like, it was AWESOME! We handed out hundreds of samples & stickers to the children, talked to hundreds of parents about our Company, the products and the benefits for their children. We hope they saw the passion we have for our company and the products we have developed for everyone to enjoy.

Pippa, our Yellow Eyed Penguin, was a huge hit with everyone! It was amazing to see all the smiling faces of all the families and children, it really brought joy to my team and I seeing all the happiness. This was well worth the Trip.

Thanks to everybody that took the time to speak with us, and a HUGE thank you to the team at Russell Pharmacy for inviting us to this memorable event!

"Some of the photos from the Birdman Festival"