- 06 July 2017 -

"Sponsorship for Pasadena Year 8 Girls' Netball Team!"

As part of honouring our initial commitment and promise to support our local communities and local schools, we are proud to announce that we are sponsoring Pasadena Intermediate School Year 8 Girls' Netball Team with brand new winter hoodies! We are absolutely thrilled and excited for Pasadena School’s Netball Team, they are the team to watch out for this year! We have no doubt that they will do amazing things on their journey to greater success both academically and in Netball tournaments ahead. By providing Pasadena Netball team with hoodies will surely keep the girls warm during these chilly winter days.

"We hope our good hoodies will keep you warm and our Good Vitamins give you more energy to win titles!"

Pasadena Intermediate School Newsletter: Term 2 Edition 3 - Wednesday 31 May 2017 http://www.pasadena.school.nz/Modules/LSDocumentManager/DocumentDownload.aspx?DocumentId=3183