What is Lions Mane?

Lion’s Mane? What’s that?

The word on everyone's lips is mushroom gummies, and the gummy in everyone's mouth is mushroom! It’s the hottest thing to come into the vitamin shelf, and we’re ready to get into one specific mushroom - lion’s mane (hericium erinaceus). 

We would like to point out that lion’s mane does not, in fact, come from a lion's mane — no one goes around shearing off a lion’s mane like a sheep's wool. Lion’s mane is simply a mushroom, a fungus, as one would say, and we think it's a pretty fun-gi, get it? 

You might be familiar with lion’s manes other names, mountain - priest mushroom? Or bearded tooth fungus? It’s safe to say we’ll stick with lion’s mane. 

How Does Lion’s Mane Grow?

Lion’s mane is commonly found on decaying and dead hardwood logs, most often in the colder seasons like autumn throughout North America, Asia and Europe. But, there are specially made ‘grow your own mushroom’ kits for anyone interested in growing lion’s mane mushrooms. 

These mushrooms aren’t your typical button mushrooms - if you haven’t guessed from their eccentric name, they grow uniquely in the form of what looks like a lion’s mane, sort of like a large white pom pom or poi but very shaggy looking. If you were to cut into a lion’s mane mushroom, it’s spongy, soft and has branches extending from a single base, similar to cauliflower. 

What Does Lion’s Mane Taste Like?

The flavour of lion’s mane has been described as mild but often compared to the tastes of seafood like crab or lobster, which is excellent for anyone on a vegan or vegetarian diet who misses the ocean's essence. Like most mushroom textures, lion’s mane has a meat-like texture when cooked, which makes for a delicious meat substitute.

They’re delicious and nutritious, widely popular for medicinal uses as they are a host for a plethora of health benefits.

What are the Health Benefits of Lion’s Mane? - Functional Mushroom

There are various health benefits from taking lion’s mane and its extract. Lion’s mane is mainly known for its potent anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting abilities. 

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How Do I Get Lion’s Mane into my Diet?

The easiest way to get lion’s mane into your diet is through supplements! Supplements are chock-full of mushroom extract, which makes it easy for our bodies to break down. Not to mention how compact and convenient they are. Supplements, especially gummy supplements, are excellent.

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