Good Collagen Supplements


Our brand new Good Collagen supplements!

The Good Vitamin Co is thrilled to announce we have added Collagen supplements to our collection of tasty, daily health gummies range! In this blog, we'll introduce our new collagen goodies and discuss why collagen plays such an integral part in supporting the body's natural anti-ageing processes. If you are after a collagen supplement that ticks all the boxes, we are so happy to say we finally have you covered!

First up: What is collagen?

Collagen lives in our bodies naturally, being the most abundant of proteins with a tonne of roles to play. Natural collagen plays a huge part in creating and maintaining the structure of your skin, muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and can be found in other areas of your body too doing their bit to support different aspects of your health.

There are sixteen types of collagen that exist with four main types doing most of the heavy work in our body. These types are called types I, II, III and IV.

Types I and III Collagen

These are the types of collagen that are rich in our Good Collagen supplements.

Type I makes up the vast majority of collagen within our entire bodies, around 90%! Type I provides the essential structure for all the components of our bodies, as previously mentioned, like your muscles, bones, connective tissue, teeth and skin. Type I collagen is made up of tightly packed fibres, perfect building blocks for your body.

Type III on the other hand is more focused on supporting the structure of your arteries, organs and muscles.

What are the benefits of collagen?

Collagen supplements have become increasingly popular over the years due to their obvious health benefits. From reducing the production of fine lines on your skin to supporting gut health - let's take a closer look at the mighty benefits of collagen supplements.

Skin Anti-Ageing Properties:

Collagen plays a huge part in supporting your skin elasticity, which means that when your face and skin has a bountiful amount of collagen available to support it - you reduce the appearance of fine lines. Collagen plumps up skin for a natural, youthful glow, especially as we get older. As we age, our collagen stores get lower, and our skin starts to lose its skin elasticity and develop wrinkles. While collagen can not 100% stop ageing (if anyone finds out this secret - let us know), it plays an important part in supporting your body's natural ageing process and skin for the long run.

Support for Healthy Joints:

Collagen, being part of the main building blocks that make up your muscles and joints, is required in abundance to continue supporting mobility and joint health as we age.

Gut Health:

Due to the rich amino acids packed into our collagen supplements, as well as support for strong connective tissue in the digestive tract, collagen can even support sore tummies, IBS or Leaky Gut. Protecting your stomach from weak tissue formations will support your digestive health as a whole.

The benefits of marine collagen peptides

We created our Good Collagen supplements with marine collagen peptides, which means we made them from fish, not bovineeef! The reason for this is that marine collagen peptides are more bio-available, being more sustainably sourced, and marine collagen peptides have shorter chains of amino acids - making them better absorbed by your body than other types of collagen. Marine collagen peptides are considered to be the superior type of collagen, increasing the overall body collagen and supporting skin, hair, nail and bone quality.

Marine collagen is absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently into the body than other collagen types, which make it an obvious choice for the effectiveness of our collagen supplements. By being made with marine peptides - our collagen supplements can be enjoyed by pescatarians, as well!

Get your Good Collagen supplements and support your skin and anti-ageing with delicious daily gummies.

We are so excited about our newest addition to our available supplements available right here in NZ - and we know you'll love them too! Get your healthy dose of collagen every day with our Good Collagen supplements in a deliciously chewy format. Be among the first to try them today and support your skin, joints and overall wellness the good way!