No more pills! The easiest way to take Magnesium.

Magnesium benefits are uncountable and by far one of our favourite health supports. Magnesium is one of the best sleep supplements and certainly the best supplement for muscle cramps. 

But perhaps you find regular magnesium pills hard to swallow, or maybe you are not a huge fan of gummies (no offence taken!). Or, it could be that you are already taking some other medications, and it feels like taking too many pills at once, and you'd like magnesium taking to be a bit gentler or even unnoticed. If that sounds a bit like you, then our Good Magnesium Effervescent Tablets are the solution you are looking for.

Why choose Good Magnesium Effervescent Tablets?

They are easier to swallow, WAY easier.

If you struggle with swallowing pills whole, these will be your allies. Effervescent tablets completely dissolve in water, so there is no extra effort made to swallow (you might be already familiar with this kind of fizzy tablet, thanks to Berocca). On top of that, these bubbly gems taste great! Our Good Magnesium Effervescent Tablets have a pleasant zesty orange flavour, ideal for drinking as a beverage with a meal like brekkie or lunch, or on its own. 

  • Our tip: Having Good Magnesium Effervescent Tablets with a meal, and especially at lunch, is the best way and time of the day to absorb your magnesium tablets supplementation.

They work faster, especially when you need them most.

When effervescent magnesium tablets are dissolved in water, they increase their bioavailability and absorption, like many other effervescent minerals and vitamins. Since Magnesium is more readily available once dissolved, its action on our bodies becomes a lot faster. This means the effervescent tablet's ingredients are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and more evenly distributed. (Something good to have at hand if you have sore muscles and want the best support for their recovery!)

Gentler and better absorption

Effervescent tablets are super handy for those who have diminished capacity for nutrient absorption. The effervescence helps to set the proper ph in the stomach, which allows increased digestion and enhanced nutrient permeability and absorption.

As they also dissolve more evenly, they will be suit sensitive stomachs better by avoiding the irritation caused by undissolved ingredients - as can sometimes happen with regular pills. They are also balanced in acids and carbonates, which act as a buffer for any potential irritation. So, the chances of a sensitive reaction are even lower.

You can also dilute your tablet with even more water to suit your taste, knowing that the dosage will remain the same and won't be diminished (as long as you drink it all). 

A fancier way of getting hydrated

Staying on top of those eight glasses of water a day could be a bit challenging. We admit it. However, effervescent tablets can be a more enjoyable way to stay hydrated while getting the magnesium benefits at the same time. A big glass of water with a Good Magnesium Effervescent Tablet in it will already count for one of those glasses, so one less to go! Are you really drinking water when it tastes that yummy? 

Plus, all the well-known magnesium benefits!

Let's not forget how vital magnesium is for our bodies, the several essential roles it plays, and the number of benefits it provides. These are just a few of them:

  • Magnesium supports musculoskeletal functions
  • Magnesium is a key mineral for the proper functioning of our muscles and bones. It is, in fact, involved in the contraction and relaxation of each of our muscles. Since it's useful for relaxation, it is highly recommended if you are experiencing cramps or sore muscles.

    Also, some studies show it may be a booster for exercise performance and a good recovery tool for those sore muscles from physical activity.

  • Magnesium supports our nervous system
  • When Magnesium is at optimum levels, it regulates neurotransmitters. It can, therefore, play a critical role in our mood and how our brain works. Some studies suggest it can even boost our happiness.

  • Magnesium supports balanced blood indicators
  • A good intake of Magnesium can translate into good blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as triglycerides, being a great assistance for pre-diabetes prevention.

  • Magnesium is awesome for relaxation
  • It’s not only excellent for muscle relaxation but also helps support your whole brain and body switch off. People with migraines, exhaustion or mood swings can benefit hugely from this mineral, as it can support relief for these acute conditions.

    If you are having some sleep troubles, magnesium has long been touted as an excellent support for getting a decent night’s rest when the rest of your busy body and mind are cooling down.

    Now you know, pills no longer need to stand in your way of the full range of Magnesium benefits. Our Good Magnesium Effervescent Tablets have added Vitamin C to increase magnesium absorption and support the immune system - bonus! Leave those old-fashioned pills aside and give Good Magnesium Effervescent Tablets a try here: