Tired of being tired? The benefits of Chamomile supplements!

Struggling to get quality, natural sleep? 

Here’s why Chamomile and its sleep support properties will benefit you and your energy levels! 


What is Chamomile?

Straight to it! Chamomile (or Camomile) is the general name given to a variety of plants that greatly resemble daisies. With cute white petals and a vibrant yellow centre, you’d be forgiven for making a daisy crown out of them instead of realising their health support potential. These Chamomile ‘daisies’ are from the Asteraceae family of plants and have been used in herbal medicines of all kinds for centuries. While it is not exactly clear how much was known about Chamomile back in the 11th century, we know that it was definitely a popular tool in a healer’s kit to treat sleeplessness. Chamomile was obviously considered effective - as after centuries it is still one of the most popular tea and herbal supplements available! 


What are some of the benefits of Chamomile?

Sleep Support - Chamomile has been regarded by many as an inducer of sleep. When made into tea, or taken as a concentrated supplement, Chamomile evokes calm in the sleepless sufferer. This natural calming effect allows for unwinding, relaxing and provides the support you need to naturally doze off into sleep. Chamomile is not a sedative, but a gentle herb that sends messages to your body and brain that it is time to calm down, snuggle in and get some shut-eye. 

Stress Relief - If your worried mind can not put down the million thoughts whizzing through your tired head, you are more likely to suffer from sleepless nights. Chamomile offers support for slowing your thoughts down with its calming properties. This supports your ability to take a moment of quiet reflection, and relaxation - even if you have a really hectic lifestyle. This is so important for your well-being in a fast-paced world that is flooded with information, deadlines and the constant hustle required to get things done now. Our society has never moved faster, so it’s really smart to make sure you have the natural support you need to wind down and de-stress at the end of every day.

Energy Boost - When you sleep well, your energy levels increase, it’s pretty simple math. When you are able to get the good quality sleep you crave, your body and brain will have the support they need to live your best life. Waking up tired is not a great way to start the day, and not sleeping at all is a sure way to grind yourself and your immunity down really quickly. Lack of sleep is widely discussed as being detrimental to cognitive function, it can dangerously affect your motor skills and your memory may also suffer when you don’t get proper rest. 

Who Should Take It - Anyone who is struggling to get the rest and stress relief they need. The Chamomile Gummy Supplement is safe for most people, whether you are a busy mum (not recommended while pregnant or nursing) or stressed out sales rep, there is a myriad of reasons why your brain won’t ‘switch off’ when you finally hit the pillow! 


Is there any easy way to take Chamomile?

Absolutely! While you could certainly start drinking copious quantities of loose leaf tea there are much easier ways to add the calming quality of Chamomile into your day. Introducing soft-chew supplements - easy to take, yummy to chew, and in a convenient travel-sized bottle. The Good Vitamin Co provides you with an easy and fast way to get your Chamomile supplementation. This delicious soft-chew vitamin tablet is naturally cherry flavoured and contains 50mg of Chamomile Extract. This is a tasty on-the-go solution for those who don’t have time to sit around waiting for their tea to brew! 


That’s not all! 

Enjoy the bonus of Magnesium! These soft chews are packed with more than just chamomile. For enhanced healing and restorative sleep support, we’ve added magnesium to the ingredients list. Physical healing is supported by magnesium and is used by athletes, dancers and busy people worldwide to help their bodies recover during sleep. If it’s good enough for athletes to support their physical recovery, imagine what it could do for your daily life! While the chamomile helps you fall asleep, the magnesium supports the recovery of your muscles and nerves - letting you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on another day. 


Lemon Balm Extract

Lemon balm extract is known for its anti-spasmodic benefits, this is a plant that has 2000 years of healing history behind it! Recent studies have confirmed it has calming effects and it may even help to improve memory function. Lemon Balm has been added to the Gummy Chamomile Sleep Supplements for a bonus dose of calm, it is widely thought to be able to stimulate a better mood, and is used often in supplements to combat anxiety and restlessness. This soft chew has 100mg of Lemon Balm Extract to help round out all the lovely benefits you get from your Chamomile supplement.


Passiflora Extract

Another plant extract that has been used for decades as a way to combat stress and as an aid to help induce sleep, science points to this extract as working to calm the mind by working on the GABA receptors. (Those are the ones that make you feel happy!) These gorgeous flowers and delicious fruit are represented in our Chamomile supplement as a little something extra to reduce that fight or flight feeling a lot of people might experience at the end of a busy day. Passiflora Extract is sometimes used in the treatment of ADD and is not only known for its calming effects - but it is also used to add flavour to sweet foods.


Vitamin B6

We have popped a milligram of Vitamin B into the Good Vitamin Co. Chamomile soft chew, we use this here because it is a great way to provide some extra immune support to your body. B6 is available in lots of foods, it’s accessible in chicken and some fish, you can get it from potatoes, and some cereal manufacturers add it in - its benefits have been studied extensively. We have added it in so you don’t have to chase it around your plate every night to get the extra support you need before you sleep. It’s really important to get enough Vitamin B6, being deficient has been shown to potentially cause irritability, confusion, and maybe even depression.


Good Vitamin Co Understands Your Needs

The Good Vitamin Co Gummy Chamomile Sleep Supplements are made with natural pectin, which means these delicious soft-chews deliver your daily dose of chamomile without upsetting your stomach. Our chamomile supplements are also mindfully made so that no one has to miss out. Every Chamomile soft chew is halal certified and vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and contains no nuts, soy or egg products. 


What are you waiting for?

Sleepless nights could soon be a thing of the past, as you restore calm into your daily life with natural support. Putting your well being first is a great step towards greater enjoyment of life without stress and the chronic fatigue that comes with erratic sleep patterns. 


Find our Chamomile solution here today, and finally get the sleep support you deserve!

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Always read the label and use as directed. Vitamins are supplementary to a balanced diet.
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