- 03 May 2017 -

- 03 May 2017 -

"The Good Vitamin Co. is now doing a marketing tour throughout New Zealand!"

The Good Vitamin Co. Managing Director, Bari Samadi, is currently doing a marketing and brand promotional tour around the whole of New Zealand. He is bringing all our soft-chew vitamins to a local pharmacy and health store near you. The demands for our soft-chew vitamins are increasing rapidly and we have decided to bring our soft-chew vitamins to the pharmacies and health stores throughout the country. Be on the look out for our new and branded company limousine full of soft-chew vitamins coming to your city or town soon.

If you would like our managing director, Bari Samadi, to visit your local pharmacy or health store please ring him now on 021 680 919, and he will definitely pay you a visit and tell you more about our soft-chew vitamins.

Dean Foster
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