Family Immunity Product Bundle

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Improving health and wellness is a team effort, so we put together this bundle to help make it easy to treat your family's health over these cold months.

x1 Kid's Good Elderberry Supplements + Vita-C Immunity

Join forces with our effective Elderberry supplement to support their immune defences! With the added bonus from Ivy Extract and a boost for their immune system from Vitamin C, this is a plant-based and punchy way to allow your kids to keep their active lifestyle

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x1 Value Pack Kids Good Multi-Vitamin Supplements

This little chewable vitamin packs a healthy punch! Kids need a lot of energy to get through their busy day, so make sure they have all the natural support they can get with our deliciously easy multivitamins! 

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x1 Kids Good Vita-C Lollipops

Our Vita-C + Zinc Lollipops are full of vitality and natural goodies to support your children’s immune response so that means less time spent sick in bed - and more time out at play!

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x1 Good Vita-D Supplements

Uniquely formulated with natural pectin to support healthy digestion from the goodness of fibre and stable glucose levels for balanced energy throughout the day, good vita-d will provide your daily dose of vitamin d to support bone health and immune protection.

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x1 Good Vitamin C Sugar free

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant AND is considered an essential daily requirement for good health. Vitamin C, is an essential nutrient that the body cannot produce. We require more vitamin C during times of stress or illness to SUPPORT TISSUE REPAIR and GOOD health.

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