Jade - 24-Oct-2018

I absolutely love the Chamomile Soft Chews. After years of terrible sleep and just accepting the fact that I wake up numerous times each night, I have had the most amazing solid three sleeps since I received my chews in the mail. They are absolutely delicious and I think chewing on two before brushing my teeth really gets me ready for bed, and is obviously really working for me! Huge fan of this product, and will be recommending to my friends and family.


Susan - 8-Sept-2018

"Let me take your mind back - think to when you last had a decent nights sleep. Like an actual 8 hour sleep... can you remember?
I couldn’t.. don’t we give up our rights to sleep when we have children? I would sleep a couple hours and then wake, sleep, wake so on and so forth.. almost like a newborn schedule (my child is 9!!!)
I came across an offer on Facebook about trialling a new product with The Good Vitamin Co., their new product about to launch..
Good Chamomile Sleep.
I’ll be honest, I was really sceptical but applied to trial it.. I fit the criteria so was one of the lucky ones to be accepted..
I followed the instructions, don’t drink for the month I was on them and take them as directed.
The first week came and went, I was unwell with a cold so couldn’t really tell if it were the illness allowing me the gift of a few unbroken hours sleep or the chamomile sleep..
Week 2 - I realised quickly these little chewy gems were in fact helping.. I have to point out, these are not sleeping tablets, these are purely a natural product to support good sleep. I had to look at my own before bed routine and change a couple of things to enable these gems to work their magic..
I stopped drinking coffee after 3pm and stopped with any technology (tv included) 30 minutes before bed. Then I would take them and head off to sleep.
Week 3 I was sleeping 6 solid hours a night and by week 6 I was doing 7-8 hours
I cannot recommend this product highly enough, it’s given me a healthy sleep pattern which gives me the energy to get through the next day.
My son take vitamins daily, so I decided to move him across to the kids good multi, it took him a few goes to get used to the taste (his previous ones were very sweet by comparison I discovered) but now he loves them! Thank you The Good Vitamin Co. for keeping me well rested and helping to keep my son healthy."  


Lachlan - 4-July-2018

I loved the chews and am adamant they helped improve my quality of sleep (which in turn improved my quality of early morning workouts - and those are important to me)


Brittany - 2-July-2018

How many hours did you sleep during this trial? Please describe in detail when, and how long etc.
1st week less than 5 hours
2nd - 5 to 6 hours
3rd - standard 6- 6.5 hours
4th - 6.5 -7 hours

In your own words, what are the things that you like most about this new Good Chamomile Sleep?
Tastes good! Even after toothpaste if you forget them beforehand. Easy to consume chewy and delicious. A treat to look forward too that helps you sleep


Tammy - 29-June-2018

How many hours did you sleep during this trial? Please describe in detail when, and how long etc.
1st week broken sleep of 4 to 5hrs a night. Second week 4-5hrs less broken and by the third and fourth week more solid sleeping blocks of 4hrs and getting 6hrs most nights

I found this shortened the length of time it took me to get to sleep initially and then over the weeks i found it also helped me sleep more deeply. I felt more rested when i took this. I like there was no aftertaste and it had no impact on me the next day.


Mirie - 27-June-2018

They taste great and don’t make you feel drowsy the next day


Danielle - 26-June-2018

I found that after the first week I had a more restful sleep and was waking up refreshed and was sleeping up to 8 hours of continuous sleep rather than broken sleep.


Amy - 26-June-2018

I struggled to get my self to sleep with a lot on my mind at times, and this would help me feel relaxed and heavy eyed and ready to sleep! I also felt a lot more calm and sleepy and ready for bed! And I wasn’t waking up multiple times in the night while taking it!


Sophie - 22-June-2018

Always slept 8 hours but after the first week I had longer periods of deep sleep. I went up to 3/4 hours of deep sleep, as opposed to 1-2 HRs of deep sleep previously. Also after the first week I stopped waking randomly in the night, I now sleep through.