MelanieC - 12:16 PM on Tue-17-Jan-2017

"These were amazing, we trialled the vitamin C which was delicious and my daughter reminds me daily that she needs them to "see in the dark". Packaging is lovely, the explanations are really easy to understand and the range of choices is great. We will be purchasing the omega 3 and vitamin c going forward. My daughter would be happy for me to buy the full range!"


AdeleNZ - 7:54 AM on Fri-23-Dec-2016

"My kids have thoroughly enjoyed trialling the Vitamin C product. They have been more than happy to take their daily dose of vitamins C over the past few weeks. My concern at the start was that they likened them to lollies so were constantly on my back asking for more. Am pleased to report that the novelty has worn off, they only request them when they havent had them for the day and they realise they are now medicinal. I was also worried that the texture may be too chewy but my 3 yr old has had no problem eating them and even better, no signs of them being stuck in teeth. There seems to be a neverending supply of them in the jar given we go through 6 a day. A good product and depending on price will something I look to buy in the future."


fefifofum - 10:19 PM on Fri-16-Dec-2016

"A few weeks ago we received the Citrus Orange flavored Vita-C and since reporting the initial responses The Good Vitamin Co Ltd remain a hit in our home. My youngest (3yrs) gets super excited when it's Vit C time. She explained she likes having two little penguins and the flavor too. My son loves the fact he can bite the penguins heads off, a boy thing.....all in all a successful trial in our household and will more than likely continue to purchase if our crazy budget allows. Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of this Review."


madieddy - 2:35 PM on Tue-6-Dec-2016

"Thanks for the trial of the Kids Good Vita-C Soft Chews - (Citrus Orange flavour) Pippa the Yellow Eyed Penguin they were a hit in our house! as well as all the other little trial packets that we received. Our littlest kept asking for more (she thought they were lollies), they loved the flavor and have gone down great! the packaging was catchy and straight away they had to be tried, the stickers were a favorite also! The flavor was a good orange flavor and the texture was like any other gummy Lollie.

I had a look at the website as well as we are thinking about buying a bottle of the vit C ones, hopefully to keep the winter bugs away.

it seems to be similar priced to the supermarket ones, although as you can only buy them online it would be easier to obtain them from the supermarket. I would definitely recommend this to my friends with little's as they seemed to love it."


Countrygirl22 - 10:11 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2016

"Our box arrived a few days ago very excited kids waiting to taste them and I can say that I have finally found a vitamin that my kids like wahoo. Frist one they tried was the Vita-c Loved it in fact they wanted more,next it was the Calci+Vita D not as good tasing im told that the texture was yucky mum lol, next was the Omega 3 somehow I dont think I will be able to get away with getting them to try that again they said it taste like fish they were not very happy at all, the last one the multi vita was nice but not the favourite so all up best pick is the Vita_C loved the taste and the texture Awesome thanks for the trail."


Tassynicole - 7:34 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2016

"Our Vita C Supplements arrived earlier this week and I have to say so far Im very impressed.
I have seen a fair bit of advertising for this product and while the packaging has certainly captured my attention I hadnt investigated them too much due to an aversion to gummy lollies/supplements and gelatin products. However I was pleasantly surprised that although this have a gummy consistency they are not made from gelatin. These supplements tick a lot of boxes being allergy free, no animal testing and made with natural colours and flavours. Not to mention NZ made.

Taste wise the Vit C ones are citrus orange flavour and I have to say they are very tasty, maybe a tad too sweet but the toddler loved them. You know you are on to a good thing when he tells you he "wants more". I personally found they stuck in the teeth a lil too much for my liking but overall I have no issue giving these to my son.

Back to the packaging the characters that accompany each vitamin range are cute. My toddler however referred to the Penguin as "Buzz lolly" from Toy Story but Im happy to go with that. Its an appealing bottle, easy to open and a good amount of supplements per packet.

We have yet to try the other samples that came with the package but will do so soon.
I can see though if a long term supplement is needed these will be a go to product for our household."


kwallace - 2:20 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2016

"We received the vitamin c supplements yesterday and it was even more exciting becomes of the cool packaging. Miss 11 had hers straight away and said they were just like lollies and she could eat them all day. I have purchased every other brand on the market and she will not eat any of them so I am thrilled. Miss 9 loved them too. Loved getting the sample of the other supplements as they can try them without me wasting money if they don't like them.
I highly recommend this brand."


linkingirl - 1:43 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2016

"We were lucky enough to try the The Good Vitamin Co vitamin C supplements.

I love that each type is associated with a native bird of NZ - not sure of any other company doing this branding, so I think they will be easy to spot on the shelf alongside all the other vitamins.

They packaging itself was mostly good - I love that they have a childproof cap, my kids would probably end up sneaking some since they love them so much if it didn't have one! I have a personal dislike for seals that don't have a tab so you can open them - this one didn't so I had to get into it with my teeth and it didn't come of cleanly. Not a major but a little lift tab on the side or top of the seal would make these easier to get into.

We were also lucky to get sample packs of the other varieties. My kids have ranked them on taste: 1) Wildberry 2) Strawberry 3) Orange Citrus. I must stress that they absolutely love all of them and beg me everyday for one of their orange flavoured Vitamin C chews.

I'm really happy knowing that these are not only boosting their immunity but very natural as well. And in this day and age when some parents are trying to avoid those typical allergens (gluten, egg, dairy, nuts etc), this is a smart move to create a product without any of these ingredients.

I have investigated and seen that these are very reasonably priced, so I may buy some in the future to hopefully keep my kids healthier during the cold season.

I would recommend these vitamin products to friends with children who want to boost their kids immunity and ensure they have all the necessary vitamins for healthy kids."


ke11y - 1:00 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2016

"We received our package in the mail a few days ago. I was really impressed with the packaging - it is very modern, yet simple. It is easy to read all the information printed on the box and all the benefits of the products. The stickers were loved by my son.

We selected the Vita C supplements. Before opening the big bottle that has been supplied I gave my son one of the samples each day for the first three days. He really enjoyed the multi vitamin and Calci tablets flavours. Both of these supplements were red - Red is his favourite colour which I think also had an effect on his feedback. He absolutely loved both of them and asked for more.

When it came to trying the Vit C supplement sample he happily ate it but spat it out a few seconds later saying he didn't want it. I asked if he liked the taste and he wouldn't answer. We have a whole bottle of these Vit C to get through so I will start again this evening and see what kind of response I get. I tried one myself and thoroughly enjoyed it :)

So far I LOVE the packaging, and the idea of having different stories and characters for each supplement. My son did not seem to be a huge fan of the supplement we had chosen but loved the samples of the other products. I will come back in a few weeks and give an update on how we are going. Thanks for the opportunity."


campleader - 4:28 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2016

"We received our package Monday and it was beautifully presented with extra samples and informative information per vitamin included.
I love the labels it promotes a fun inviting character for each different vitamin and flavour.
Maddi really loves the taste and they have a really soft chewable texture so easy for a little one to eat. We have the Vita C immunity, orange flavour , they are so good I have to hide the bottle or the lot would be gone in a day if she had her way. She's a very fussy texture eater and if it's not to her liking she spits things out , so I'm really pleased these have being designed with kids in mind and they go down a treat.
The range is well covered and flavors are good. Having all natural ingredients, colours and no preservatives is fantastic, very pleasing there is no animal testing with the Good vitamin Co. They have put a lot of thought into keeping everything healthy and eco friendly. 90 tablets per bottle is a good size too and I love the range and they are kid friendly.
We will be purchasing these products in the future for sure. They taste so good and have so much goodness in them.
Thanks The Good vitamin Co and Kidspot for giving us this opportunity."


jasleen - 11:48 AM on Tue-29-Nov-2016

"Thank you for selecting us to trial The Good Vitamin Co..I have tried so many brands with my boy, but he just loves the taste of Kids Good Vita-C Soft Chews - (Citrus Orange flavour)...I tried it too and yes its one of the best i have had...thanks again for selecting me as a reviewer..:)"


fefifofum - 11:31 PM on Mon-28-Nov-2016

"Excitement in our household today when the package of Vitamin Co arrived.....Taking the courier packaging off and seeing the superb quality box package was such a nice surprise. It shows the company take real pride in their products. We opened the box and first saw the pamphlet, stickers, samples and the bottle of Kids Good Vit-C in Citrus Orange flavour. We pulled the bottle from the box and the kids were very excited to try them. My eldest (8 years) really like them thinking they had a great flavour, nice texture of chewiness and a good shape of a the penguin. My 3 year old, loved them and wanted more......will report back in a few weeks when we have consistently had more of the Pippa Vit-C chewable."