nani123 - 9:53 PM on Sat-17-Dec-2016

"My son loves the omega 3 soft chews, he thinks I'm giving him a treat. I tasted them too and they are really yummy and doesn't have too much of a "fishy" taste like some other brands. Thanks for letting us try this product, we'll definitely be buying it in the future."


aucklandjules - 5:52 PM on Fri-16-Dec-2016

"My daughter is loving the Omega 3 soft chews. She said that she loves the taste of the orange Omega 3 and that they are just like chewing a lolly. She looks forward to having them every morning. She also tried the samples that we were sent and enjoyed those flavours also. She loved the characters on the bottle and the stickers. I think that this is a great product, tasty for the kids to eat and fun and interactive with the different characters. I will definitely be buying more of these when she runs out of the Omega 3 and will also buy a bottle of the Multi soft chews."


stepanka - 9:37 PM on Thu-15-Dec-2016

"We have got the Kids Good Omega 3 Soft Chews (Citrus Orange flavour) - Professor Finley the King Salmon to trial. Our 3 year old loves them, she asks for them every day, if mummy forgets. They are yummy she says and I know they are good for her overall development, her skin as well. Im happy she asks for them. She calls them her sweets and "Im not going to share these ones" :) Love the packaging as well, as well the stories behind the characters. Great products, all of them. Thank you for the opportunity to trial these!"


caseyraskew - 12:16 PM on Tue-13-Dec-2016

"Thank you for the Kids Good Omega 3 to trial. This is just an update to say that all three of my kids love them and we have nearly run out. My 7 year old hasn't suffered from his dry eyes while trialing this so they definitely do their job. My 7 year old who has Autism and is obsessed with google earth really enjoyed the story on the bottle about where Professor fish lives. Thank you for letting us trial this and i most definitely will recommend this to other parents. Thank you. My 10 year old keeps asking me for some more Vit D ones so thanks again for the samples."


sarahcu - 9:45 PM on Wed-7-Dec-2016

"We all tried these and they were surprisingly nice!! We were given the jar of Omega 3 which we've had a bad experience with in the past. Other brands can taste very fishy but everyone loved these!! It's a very easy way to get vitamins into your kids! I can definitely recommend these for even the fussiest of eaters!"


timmytime - 9:54 AM on Wed-7-Dec-2016

"My family received the Omega 3 soft chews.

From the moment we received the package I was impressed! The packaging was professional and on trend, the bottle itself would stand out on the shelf amongst other vitamins as it is clear, modern, has all the info you need readily available on the front and a cute character for the kids to know its for them.

We received samples of the other vitamins as well as a bottle of the Omega 3. My children loved the strawberry and raspberry flavored but ilunfortunately didn't like the two orange/citrus flavours as much. I tried them and they were pleasant to taste it's just a pity orange isn't a fruit they enjoy so I struggle to get them to have them. I will be purchasing more of the flavored they do like as they gobble them right up. The texture of the soft chews are perfect, easy to chew but not too chewy - if goldilocks was trying them she would say they were just right!!!"


MommytoKandR - 11:14 AM on Tue-6-Dec-2016

"Thank you for the trail of The Good Vitamin Co. Kids Good Omega 3 Soft Chews. The packaging was amazing - a friend popped in for a visit and immediately noticed it on my dinning room table and asked 'what's this?'. The small sample packs were also great because I am now going to buy the Kids Good Calci + Vitamin D Soft Chews as my son loved the taste and I battle to find any other vitamins for kids in store other than multivitamins and omega - so the different options are great. My 3 year old son didn't really enjoy the flavour but he can be a bit fussy, my 5 year old loved it. Thanks for the discount voucher to buy online, this will come in handy when purchasing the Calci + Vitamin D. The prices online are also very reasonable."


rainbow - 9:20 AM on Mon-5-Dec-2016

"We received the Kids Good Omega 3 Soft Chews (Citrus Orange flavour) - Professor Finley the King Salmon, although with samples of the other Vitamins. My son loved the flavours of them all and they were easy for him to chew. In fact if he could eat them as lollies he would! It is great as it is difficult to get him to eat fish so using this as a supplement makes it so much easier. As I know he likes them I am definitely keen to get him the Multi or Vitamin C one to go along with the brain boost one. The use of the animals on the front of the package makes it appealing to kids and the stickers are a bonus."


BJW - 5:29 PM on Sun-4-Dec-2016

"I received the Kids Good Omega 3 Brain Boost Soft Chews (Citrus Orange flavour) - Professor Finley the King Salmon. Omega 3 is so important for children's health & as my daughter isn't keen on oily fish this is the best way of taking this vitamin. It's the crucial building blocks of child development.

I have tried to give my daughter different vitamins, but she can't seem to swallow the pills or doesn't like the taste. After giving her these chewable soft chews she was surprised that they were tasty & quite sticky on the teeth. The vitamins smell like orange. There are 90 vitamins in the bottle which is a soft purple colour with a Salmon on the label which is pleasing on the eyes. The bottle has a childproof cap. I like that it has natural colours and flavours.

I would recommend the Kids Good Omega 3 Brain Boost Soft Chews to friends and family as they know the importance of Omega 3 for the development of the brain & eyes plus heart, joints and general health. Love to buy from a NZ company."


Nixie - 4:31 PM on Tue-29-Nov-2016

Thank you we got our parcel today :-) We got a big bottle of the Omega 3 and samples of the others (which is appreciated!). Miss 2 asked for some when she saw me looking at the bottle and then please more! (lol, tomorrow!) They're really cute to look at, I thought they were tiny penguins but I'm guessing they're actually the standing King Salmon character. They looked tempting enough that I had some too. Really nice flavour and much preferable to the big adult fish oil capsules I've taken in the past! Awesome that they're New Zealand made too :-)


caseyraskew - 3:53 PM on Tue-29-Nov-2016

"Our parcel arrived this afternoon and we got right in the samples to start of with. My 10 year old really liked the Calci + Vitamin D Soft Chews (Summer Strawberry flavour) which really pleased me as I would like to buy him some at some stage. My other two had one of the other two samples each and both liked them but didn't seem to enjoy them as much as my 10 year old who had the Calci + Vitamin D Soft Chews. Was awesome to try the other kinds. So we got a big bottle of Kids Good Omega 3 Soft Chews and all three really liked them with my 5 year old asking for more. I really wanted these for my 7 year old who has dry eyes so he will be the one trialing these over the next few week. They most definitely smell a bit like fish and do still have that fish taste but it didn't put my 7 year off and the Citrus Orange flavour seems to overpower the fish taste. Very glad we got to try this and we look forward to continuing the trial and getting photos etc. Its good that its gluten free and we like the look of the bottle with the picture of Professor Finley the King Salmon. Its nice and big with loads in it. They are easy to chew as well as we have had some that the kids have spat out. Thank you."