nholt2552 - 7:58 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017

"Wow! These are simply amazing!! Something that is good for my kids that didn't taste terrible. (I had to taste test first!!) I had no problems getting them to take the Kids Good Multi.... they still think they are lollies but know that they are only aloud 1 a day! They also LOVED the samples of the other flavours as well! Such a great product and they will be staying in our household!!"


loulou1979 - 11:01 AM on Fri-23-Dec-2016

"Wow the Kids Multi taste amazing (I gave them the taste test), miss 9 loves them and takes 1 everyday. Our youngest does think they are lollies but knows she is only allowed 1 each day. Awesome product and one that I will purchase once this bottle is all gone."


LindaK - 4:29 PM on Sun-18-Dec-2016

"I've come back to do the follow-up review, now that we've had the multivitamin soft chews to try for a couple of weeks. They continue to be a hit with my eldest son, who is 11 - he says they are the best chewable vitamins he's ever tried, they are now his favourites and we only intend to buy these for him from now on. I have to honestly say that I couldn't get my 6 year old son to give them a proper go, but I've never been able to successfully get him to take any sort of multivitamin and he doesn't even like lollies, so he's a tough nut to crack. I think most kids will absolutely love these, if you haven't given them a go yet, I strongly recommend them :)"


nezzar - 10:22 PM on Fri-16-Dec-2016

"Thank you so much for sending me The good vitamin products to try. The kids loved the kids multi chews which is just what they needed and they have now finished so looks like ill be buying some soon. Thanks again."


Lulubelle - 8:03 PM on Thu-15-Dec-2016

"We had the multi-vitamins to try and they have gone down a treat with my three year old. She asks for hers every day so it is safe to say the flavour and texture are appealing to her. I am glad they have a child proof lid so she can't just help herself as I think they would disappear rather quickly. My only hesitation is that they have added sugar and it doesn't specify how much. I don't think it is necessary for them to be quite so sweet and as we tend towards a low sugar diet I would be reluctant to give these on a daily basis unless I felt my daughter needed a boost for some reason. We counter the effects of the sugar by trying to give them close to teeth brushing time. It is good to know there is an option available that my daughter likes if we should need them in the future."


lornamoa - 1:13 PM on Tue-13-Dec-2016

"We have Kids Good Multi Soft Chews (Wild Raspberry flavour) - Tess the Tui to trial.
Both my 4 and 6 year old love the flavour and texture and have been asking for them each morning. Plus they loved all the other samples in the other flavours.
I would recommend and the multi is a nice backup to food to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need. They are nice and soft for children to chew."


MsButton - 10:09 AM on Mon-12-Dec-2016

"Thanks for the Good Kids Multivitamin trial :) It has been a week now and these have been a godsend! As anyone with fussy eaters will now, there is always a worry that they are getting all the nutrition they need. These vitamins were great looking, great texture and the raspberry taste went down very well indeed! Both the 2 year old and 4 year old ate them happily, and enjoyed the cute stickers included in the pack. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these to Mums & Dads looking to supplement their children's diets with good quality, yummy tasting vitamins :)"


jthorne - 8:27 PM on Sun-11-Dec-2016

"Thanks for the opportunity to review The Good Vitamin Co. multivitamins. Both my girls really enjoyed having the vitamins, they loved the flavour (wild raspberry) and that they were soft and chewy as the vitamins the usually take are hard ones. I really like the modern packaging. The is came with a sheet of stickers which was a cute idea! The only downfall is that the recommended dosage for 4+ is two per day which is less convenient than our regular multivitamin with one per day."


Neia - 11:40 PM on Fri-9-Dec-2016

"Thank you for selecting us to trial out the multi kids good vitamin pack. when it firsted arrived I thought oh this a big package untill I opened it and it and saw the picture of the vitmains pack and smaples in it. my son said he loves it and it's easy to tip out. I love the sample pack that came with the information on it, my son is always reminding me every morning about his medicine lollie."


Pearlywhite - 2:54 PM on Wed-7-Dec-2016

"We tried the multi vitamin and everyone in the house (including us grown ups) just loved them! Even the fussy little guy! They are soft and chewable so younger children wouldn't even realise they're eating a vitamin which is helpful with fussy eaters. We also had samples of the vitamin c and they were my personal favourite. I loved the flavour and I could have eaten a whole jar full - what a yummy way to get my vitamin c dose. My kids have both asked me to keep buying them when the bottle runs out so I guess they're a hit in our house!! Thanks for introducing them to us :)"


MelV - 8:54 PM on Sun-4-Dec-2016

"We recieved the Kids Good multi along with some samples, and stickers-it was a hit straight away!! Miss 3 made us try the samples, and the multi as soon as we opened it..she loved (and so did I) the taste of all of them, and the themes make it a fun way to take your vitamins:-) I definately appreciate the child proof lid so that I can monitor how many she gets, even if she can manage the chair to the cupboard and get the bottle out..and the colours and theme is a great thing to help target it and make it a fun thing, plus being a NZ company, double bonus..i would definately recommend, and will continue to buy these next time I see them in the supermarket...thanks again for the sample!!"


GemmaV - 3:37 PM on Sat-3-Dec-2016

"Received and have been using for the last week the Full bottle of The Good Vitamin Co Kids Good Multi Everyday Well in Wild Raspberry flavour. First impressions of the bottle were : decent size bottle which would last long seeing as I am giving to three children and not run out within the week. I liked the New Zealand theme of having a Tui on the front as it represents a NZ brand which I like supporting. I tried one first before giving to the kids and didn't like the texture as it is a lot softer than what you'd get in a jelly chew but the flavour tasted real. I gave one to my children whom liked it and didn't pick up that this was a good thing for them to have but questioned why they could only have one, I just said it was a little treat that they get to have before school everyday x hehe ....Liked knowing it was made with natural forming pectin and contained no gluten or gelatine.....although it does have sugar added into it , I think it might be a good idea to maybe state how much sugar is contained ? Anyway this product was welcomed and we will continue using as a consumer; it is too early to tell if this works as a sickness deterrent but I think just knowing that they are consuming vitamins is all this mumma needs to feel good about it."


Ruth4 - 9:42 AM on Thu-1-Dec-2016

"Our Good Kids Vitamins arrived the other day and my daughter was so excited when she saw them. She was really eager to try them which was great.
I wasn't sure whether she would like them. She is so fussy she wont even eat cake! But she happily gobbled the vitamin soft chew up and even asked when she could have more. It really is a relief to know that she is getting a bit more vitamins in her diet and without any struggle to get her to eat them.
I will definitely be recommending these to my friends to give to their kids."


Stephjoy - 7:32 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2016

"We were so excited to open such a beautifully packaged product! The kids pulled everything out to have a look and immediately found the stickers (such a big hit). The bottles look exciting and I love that each variety of vitamin has its own character and little story. It just helps explain to the kids why they get to have one.

We got the Good Kids Multi to compare to our current multi vitamin. I was pleased to see that the tablets were shaped as penguins as an animal shape always encourages eating in our house. The wild raspberry flavour was loved, as was the orange of the sample vitamin C we also received. I have given Lexi the choice between the new gummy vitamins and her old variety for the last 3 days and she has always chosen these new ones, so I know she loves it.

We love that they are allergy free. It's always so hard to recommend a product to friends with young children because many are avoiding certain food groups until the kids are older due to family histories of allergies and sensitivities.

After checking out the price on their website, we will be buying these in the future because they are very reasonable for such a great product. Thanks so much for letting us try them!"


Shirley - 2:35 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2016

"What a lovely box , I have to say the presentation of the box was great, including the company colours. We received our courier and my poor girls had to wait as I was away to open it but that made it all the more exciting. We opened it today and we have received the Wild Raspberry flavour The Good Vitamin co "Kids Good Multi' Everyday Well along with 3 sample soft chews , the Kids Good Vita-C,Kids Good Omega 3 &Kids Good Calci+Vitamin D. so they have 4 different types to choose from or buy all.

There are 4 key factors which they advertise- Natural product - nothing artificial in it.made from a Pectin fruit base, no toxic binders or fillers, no words I cannot pronounce or those numbers, Gluten & Gelatine free- great , No Egg, Nuts and Dairy again music to my ears and made in NZ , a home brand. It certainly ticks all the boxes for me there.
So lets get on to the taste-we only opened the Kids Good Multi and here is what my 11 year old had to say:
Colour Red, shaped like a bird, soft chew gummy- wouldn't guess it was vitamin or medicine we had to take. Liked the taste, not too sweet and no bitter aftertaste.
Here's what my 8 year said:
Colour reddy/Brown, bird shaped looked to her like a penguin, soft texture, taste like a raspberry flavour , wasn't sweet but would have just one or two as recommended not really like a gummy.
Which is a good thing I add.
Look out for more from we try the others tomorrow
and compare with the product we have been using.
Thank you The Good Vitamin Co & Kidspot for giving us the opportunity to try the product."


LindaK - 4:29 PM on Tue-29-Nov-2016

"We received the wild raspberry flavoured multivitamins sample bottle, plus trial packs of the Vita-C, Omega 3, and Cali+Vitamin D. First impression was how good and professional the packaging was of the container, attractive to the kiddies too. But the taste is what matters the most, so on to that!

They all have the same very pleasant texture - just like a soft lolly, but neither hard or too chewy (I sampled them along with my kids). The wild raspberry multivitamin has a lovely taste, my 11 year old said "I love it!" and was happy to have a second one (two a day for a kid his age). The Vit-C citrus orange flavoured one was also lovely, though my 11 year old didn't like the taste of this one as much as the others - same response to the also citrus-flavoured Omega-3. He liked the summer strawberry Calci+Vitamin D the most (as did I). My 6 year old was more picky, he wasn't that keen to try them, but I think that's more him than the vitamins since he's such a fussy eater. I'll keep trying to get him to give them a proper try - hopefully when he sees his brother likes them so much, he'll get more keen. I'll be coming back to do a follow up review in a couple of weeks and will update then.

My overall opinion: These are all so tasty that you'll have to hide them from the kids (which is great, because it's so hard to get the kids having a balanced diet). These are tastier and better than the other kids multivitamins I've tried with my kids, I would much prefer these over the other brands. I'd highly recommend giving them a go. I'll come back in two weeks with an update.

Thanks so much for including us in the trial :)"