nessee - 8:47 AM on Sun-22-Jan-2017

"Thanks thanks thanks sooooo sooooo much for sorting out my delivery Julie and The Good Vitamin Co... My Cal + Vitamin D. Gummies arrived and my two girls were wanting to try try try them straight away.. once I opened the package I was like wow wow wow what I stunning packaging, truly best display of product I have seen in a long time. That shows me the The Good Vitamin Co stand behind their products and also are very proud of them, which I love, spec being a New Zealand company... Strawberry flavour wasn't over powering when I opened the bottle, it was natural and pleasant, my two Princess's loved that they were soft and a big bonus was they didn't stick in their teeth, like so many other gummie supplements have done in the past... they enjoyed the taste too, definitely will be recommending these to friends. Calcium is very very important in a child's very first years and also getting some natural Vitamin D without kids being exposed to the hash NZ Sun is a win win for me.. so Miss 6 and Miss 5 will be taking these once they have finished the Trial..."  


Jhereal - 7:37 PM on Thu-22-Dec-2016

"My 4-year old son loved the Good Calci + Vitamin D! We got samples of the other flavours as well and he is asking for more! Thank you for this opportunity to try these products."


erina21 - 4:13 PM on Thu-22-Dec-2016

"Wow! Something that is good for my kids that didn't taste terrible. I had no problems getting them to take the kids good calci. They have liked them so much we are going to buy the vitamin C ones for them to take The kids never let me forget the little vitamins and they would nag until I have them their daily one. Such a great product and def staying in our household."


Treliseandme - 3:57 PM on Thu-22-Dec-2016

"My family was able to trial and review the Kids Good Calci + Vitamin D for strong bones. All the kids love this flavour and were more than willing to have their vitamins every day!! The thing I like the most is the texture isn't too jelly like like other kids vitamins can be. They aren't too soft (or too hard!). Packaging is totally on point. We will be purchasing another lot after Christmas and we are beyond thrilled. We received samples of the other flavours and the bottle was definitely the favourite. My children didn't take to the orange/citrus flavours as much but that is just their personal taste buds! Thank you! This is a great product."


tayjasmine - 7:00 PM on Thu-15-Dec-2016

"My 3 year old loves the Kids Good Calci + Vitamin D. She likes the flavour and texture. Very easy to eat. She asks for them every morning. I love how the packaging was done so nicely and it came with other samples. My daughter has so far tried the Kids Good Multi which she likes very much too."


carolinef - 6:18 PM on Thu-15-Dec-2016

"My girls have loved eating these especially as they're pink! They remind me every day if I forget to give them to them as they like them so much. The package they came in was beautiful and I was reluctant to throw it in the recycling! I loved how they sent a trial sample of the other flavours too as the vitamin c ones will be good for my non citrus eating children. They liked all the flavours and the penguin shapes. So I'll definitely be on the lookout to see if the supermarket starts to stock them."


MommytoKandR - 10:28 AM on Wed-14-Dec-2016

"I'm so impressed with The good Vitamin Co. I ordered the Kids Good Calci + Vitamin D Soft Chews for my son who battles with growing pains and is always complaining about his legs being sore, so I've been looking for kids calcium vitamins for some time. They sent me my order within 2 days and it arrived in another wonderful box with extra samples for adults and kids. As well as some more stickers for the kids. I love that this is a New Zealand company, I always try to support local businesses. My 5 year old loves the taste of the vitamins but my 3 year old is still not a big fan. Overall, well done The good Vitamin Co. I will be supporting you in future for all our family vitamin needs."


GemsMum2013 - 7:59 PM on Wed-7-Dec-2016

"Thank you for choosing us to trial the Kids Good Calci + Vitamin D. My 3 year old is a fussy eater and doesn't always eat a lot. He's small for his age and its always a concern that he is getting sufficient vitamins in his diet. I have been thinking about buying a vitamin for him but was deterred by the thought that he wouldn't like them. What a wonderful surprise it was to give him these. He absolutely loved them and was very upset that he was only allowed 2 at a time! The fact that they are fruit based and are formulated using only natural ingredients is a huge bonus. I also liked the packaging. The colourful characters on each vitamin were appealing to my son. I will definitely be purchasing these for my little fussy eater and would have no hesitation in recommending them to my friends and family. Thank you once again for selecting us to trial this product."


lmonty - 9:48 AM on Wed-7-Dec-2016

"We were lucky enough to be able to trial and review the Kids Good Calci + Vitamin D for strong bones. My children ALL love them and happily request their 2 every day!! They are delicious (flavour is Summer strawberry, yum!) and I'm really impressed by their texture. They really are pleasant to eat, soft but not too soft and unlike other brands of kids vitamins they taste really pleasant and have no weird aftertaste! These are the BEST kids vitamins we have ever tried, they have nailed the two biggest obstacles my children have in taking vitamins - taste and texture - and I will definitely be buying these as a daily vitamin."


ValerieL - 11:44 PM on Mon-5-Dec-2016

"Thanks very much for sending over Kids Good Calci + Vitamin D in a very presentable packaging and some other samples for my kids to try. They took to the gummies immediately! My boys and girl like the taste and texture, and never fail to remind me each morning before heading off to school, to give them their gummies. They also enjoyed the samples, so it's all very good! I'm just wondering though...where are the gummies made? Doesn't say where on the bottle.

Thanks for the trial!"


gemm73 - 11:17 AM on Mon-5-Dec-2016

"I have a hard time getting vitamins into my boys - we use a variety of gummy ones, not the ideal but we have some sensory issues with food, so I just try what I can. They are not a fan of normal ones, but they love these - we were so lucky to get the Calcium with Vitamin D - and our wee Autistic boys adores them, keeps on asking for the pink penguins! (I particularly got these for him as he doesn't like a huge variety of food and Vit D is supposedly helpful for his disability) and he loves them, as do my other children, so a big thumbs up from us, we will definitely buy these, thanks so much for not only allowing us to trial and review them but for making a great product which my boys love!"


JacqIAm - 6:50 AM on Mon-5-Dec-2016

"We received the Calcium and Vitamin D product with Hugo the Hedgehog.
The flavour is marketed as summer strawberry, my two boys and myself can concur it has a strawberry flavour, I thought it was more of a berry flavour, but neither the less it was pleasant.
Master 7 has a dairy allergy so a Calcium supplement is important for his development. He has been taking another brand so it was vital he was happy.
At first he was surprised with the vitamin, I believe due to the fact he has only had chewy burstlets and he wasn't expecting a soft chewy texture instead.
I appreciate that we have also received two sample pieces of the other vitamins too. The boys were not willing to share so I currently do not know what the multi vitamin (Tess the Tui) tastes like but I had two boys approve and declare they were yummy.
We still haven't tried the other 2 flavoured samples.

Reading the dosage amount I have to give my 7 year old 2 soft chews, while my 10 yr old 3 chews, that equates to 5 chews a day which is 18 days worth of vitamins, at $27.99 a bottle it is a tad eye watering, how ever since master 10 can have dairy he will not be continuing with these vitamins.
I want to say thank you for letting my son trial this product as it is important to me to supplement of lack of calcium intake.
I'm also grateful for the discount code we can use to purchase online. I will be ordering some next pay week. My question; is there any intention having these products at the supermarket in the future? I am unsure how often I will purchase online as oppose to grabbing another brand on the supermarket shelf."


tallsonn - 8:40 PM on Sat-3-Dec-2016

"Our Kids Good Calci arrived in a lovely presentation box with lots of info and a sticker sheet plus samples of all the other vitamins. I have a photo but am unable to reduce it small enough to upload on this page - sorry! Both children (9 and 14) love the vitamins but thats hardly surprising given that they are strawberry flavour and very sweet. Like GemmaV I too noticed that there is sugar in them which is not a problem, but I would like to know how much as they are very sweet. Both children liked the taste of the other ones also. If I had these in the house I would have to hide them otherwise the kids would probably treat them as lollies/sweets and eat too many at once.
A few more stats on the jars would be great such as the recommended daily intake of each of the vitamins for children to assist you in deciding how many chews your child needs - going by age is not always a reliable method.
The chews available for adults sound good, I may try the Good Glucosamine for my aching joints.
Does anyone know - are these only available online?
Thanks kidspot and The Good Vitamin Co for the chance to try this great product."


zacksmummy - 12:06 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2016

"Thank you! We received our parcel today with the Calci and Vitamin D chews in plus the little sample packs of the other range of products.
Mr 2.4 has already tried the Omega 3 and the Calci+Vitamin D Chews and he is definitely a big fan! We have gone through many spit them out moments with multi vitamins in the past
They are a lovely texture just like a soft lollie and the smell amazing!
We will definitely be buying these once we use the rest of our vitamins. Love knowing he is getting extra calcium as he no longer drinks much milk and will have a good multi and range of products to try :)"


2ndtimeround - 1:24 PM on Tue-29-Nov-2016

"We were very excited to see that the couier had delivered the parcel yesterday morning. It was really banged up and the bag and box were opened thou, so that was a bit of a shame. Was very happy that the contents were still inside thou thankfully!!! So waited for the kids to get home from school to help me get into it. They loved the box what was left of it, it looked fun and inviting to them. We got the Hugo the Hedgehog Kids Good Calci + Vitamin D Soft Chews. Was surprised to see such a big sample to try so that was nice. The three kids all had two each to start with. They smelled them and said that they smelled yum and sweet. One boy was surprised at how soft they were to chew and that they stuck in his teeth, but that was ok he said as the taste was great. The other boy said they were smooth to eat and he liked them. They youngest one sucked hers for ages and in the end I had to tell her to hurry up and chew it up as I didnt was her to chock on it. She said it was yum too and more pls!! So a win all round. I have had other ones and these were by far the best tasting calcuim ones, others we have had in the past have been a bit chalky these were far from chalky. Will keep giving them untill gone and hope they do work on the inside! Thanks again."