The Good Vitamin Co is on a mission to change the way you take vitamins, by delivering a great tasting supplement in gummy form. It's easy to make The Good Vitamin Co. gummy part of your daily routine because it tastes delicious! We want to make nutrition fun. Our gummies are vegan friendly, gelatin-free, gluten free, allergen free, non sugar coated and uses no artificial flavours or colours.


What's inside our Kids Good Calci + Vita-D

Kids calcium vitamind supplement gummy



  • Calcium is a nutrient that builds strong bones. It helps the body in lots of other ways too. Calcium keeps the nerves and muscles working. It also plays a role in keeping the heart healthy.
  • We only get one chance to build strong bones — when we're kids and teens. Children who get enough calcium start their adult lives with the strongest bones possible. That protects them against bone loss later in life.
  • The Good Vitamin Co. Kids Good Calci + Vita-D uses dairy free calcium, so kids that are fussy, have allergies or intolerances to dairy can take our gummies.

Vitamin D 

  • People need vitamin D to help the body absorb calcium. Without it, calcium can't get where it needs to go to build strong bones. Vitamin D isn't in many foods that kids eat. Because of this, health care providers often recommend supplements.
  • We use Vitamin D3 - which is vegan and vegetarian friendly unlike most gummies on the New Zealand market
  • Vitamin D enhances calcium absorption
  • Supports normal bone growth during childhood
  • Support healthy immune function


Each Soft-Chew Contains:

Calcium (Calcium Hydrophosphate): 100mg
Vitamin D: 2.5mcg
Soft Chew Excipients, Natural Flavours (Strawberry, Vanilla), Natural Colour (Black Radish)

Children 2-8 years: Give 2 soft-chews per day. Children 9-12 years: Give 3 soft-chews per day. Or as advised by your healthcare professional.