Make the Most of a Good Night Out Without Worrying About How You’ll Feel Tomorrow!

We all know that feeling all too well - the dread of how you’ll feel the next day after a big night out. That overwhelming feeling of worry is actually known as “hang-xiety” by some drinkers - a word mash-up of hangover and anxiety.

And it’s enough to throw your whole night off balance; suddenly, the thought of the next day to come gets your mind racing, your palms get sweaty, and your stomach gets a bit queasy with just the thought of the next day. 

Say Goodbye to that Feeling Forever! 

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Get the maximum benefits with our supplements; these delicious gummies support healthy liver function, protection and detoxification, heart health and joint support. 

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Tips for a Stress-Free Night Out

​​First and foremost, it's important to drink responsibly and in moderation. This means knowing your limits and not overdoing them. It's also a good idea to alternate alcoholic drinks with water or other non-alcoholic beverages to stay hydrated.

In order to keep your night stress-free, a great idea is to eat a healthy and balanced meal before drinking. This will slow down the absorption of alcohol into your system and keep you feeling full and satisfied throughout the night. Foods high in protein and healthy fats, such as grilled chicken or avocado, are great options.

One of the best ways to avoid a hangover is to stay hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the night and before going to bed. This will flush out toxins and refresh you in the morning.

Lastly, remember that a good night's sleep is key to feeling your best after a night of drinking. Aim for at least 7-8 hours of restful sleep and avoid sleeping in too late, as this can disrupt your natural sleep cycle.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a stress-free night of drinking without worrying about the next day. Just remember to drink responsibly and take care of your body, and you'll be sure to wake up feeling bright and bubbly the next day! 

Let’s talk about Liver Support 

Let's understand why giving our livers a little extra love and attention with a detox after drinking is essential.

You see, our livers are the superheroes of our bodies. They work hard to filter out all the toxins from the food we eat and the drinks we consume, like alcohol. And let's be real; sometimes we can really put our livers to the test with all that partying!

But, when we drink a little more than we should, it can put a lot of stress on our livers, causing them to work overtime. That's why it's important to give our livers a break and support them with a detox.

A liver detox can support your body by flushing out all those toxins, giving your liver a chance to rest and regenerate. This means we can recover faster and feel better after a night of drinking.

Not only that, but a liver detox can also boost our overall health and well-being. When our liver works properly, it can support digestion, boost our immune system, and even improve our skin!

So, the next time you're out partying and having a good time, remember to show your liver some love with a detox. Your liver will thank you!

Live it Up Safely!

A great thing to note for your next big night out is that a hangover isn’t primarily because of a few too many. Our bodies naturally detox the alcohol in our bodies using a chemical called acetaldehyde. As your body goes through the detox, acetaldehyde builds up, making you feel terrible the next day.

Our Good Night Out Gummies support and speed up detoxification. It’s simple to include in your night adventures, or anytime you’re about to have a bevergino. Each package has enough gummies for a good night out; just take three before and two after. They’re naturally lemon flavoured for a burst of zing.

Our gummies are 100% gluten, gelatine, egg, dairy, soy, nut-free, artificial flavour & colourant free. They’re also an excellent source of fibre, vegan-friendly, non-sugar coated and halal certified.