Into Winter We Go Again!

Building a strong immune system starts in the gut. 

Your kids are probably not as excited about heading into the colder months as they are the summer ones, but you can help support their immune system during those chilly times so that they can enjoy themselves as much as possible! And it all starts in the gut.

A healthy stomach and gut flora are the roots of all things, absorbing the foods they eat and sending the nutrients to the right places in the body to support strength and overall health. When that gut bacteria isn’t behaving properly or is becoming overwhelmed by “bad bacteria”, it doesn’t do as good a job at protecting your little ones from bugs. That’s where our Good Kids Probiotics come in handy.

What are probiotics? 

If you’re not 100% clued into what probiotics are, and what they do - here’s a refresher! 

What they are:

Probiotics are a mix of live bacteria and yeast that actually live naturally in your body. At all times your body hosts a plethora of both good and “bad” live bacteria that create a harmonious balance and keep your body functioning as it should. Probiotics, as the good bacteria, help to kill off surplus bad bacteria that is making itself at home in your gut, returning balance to your stomach and likely making you gradually feel better if you’re suffering from a funny tummy. Probiotics make up a part of the whole living microbiome that exists within your body, and the microbiome can be thought of as a complex city of microorganisms, all living together and keeping each other in check. There are actually somewhere around a trillion microbes that live in your microbiome city, and they can easily start falling out and overpowering each other - upsetting the balance of good and bad bacteria that keeps you well. You can find naturally occurring live probiotics in common fermented foods such as yoghurt, kefir, miso and kombucha. 

What probiotics do:

As previously mentioned, probiotics already exist naturally in your body and are the good bacteria and yeast combination that you need at all times. Probiotics, in the form of supplementation, are a concentrated dose of that combination that helps to fight back against an overpopulation of bad bacteria. Probiotics are useful when your stomach isn’t feeling great and you’re being floored by ills and chills. When you get sick, it’s your stomach microbiome that is starting to shift and get out of balance as outside bugs (bad bacteria) invade your microbiome city, cutting down the good bacteria that fight off the invading germs. When those probiotics are in short supply, you are more likely to feel under the weather. 

Is the microbiome balance the same in kids as it is in adults?

Yes, and no. Yes, both of us have complex microbiomes from birth - but in children’s stomachs, particularly those of young children, the microbiome and immune system response is still developing, building strength by coming into contact with new germs for the first time and learning how to fight them. This means their microbiome is tested much more regularly, and an internal battle of good and bad bacteria rages a lot of the time (ever wondered why kindy kids are sick so often?). Most germs they are coming into contact with are their first experience of that germ, and it can hit them harder than adults who have already been exposed to that kind of bad bacteria before. That means that kids' probiotics, in the form of supplementation, are a good idea to help support their overall health and immune system while they are coming into contact with all of these new germs. 

So the immune system response is connected to the gut?

100%. Your body provides an immune system response to everything that you eat and all of the germs that you come into contact with. Your stomach is the engine that sends nutrients, both for fuel and for immune system support, to the parts of the body that are fighting off new bacteria. It’s actually a lot more important than many people give it credit for - instead, reaching straight for supplements like vitamins C and D, while forgetting about the good bacteria that is needed to put those vitamins into good use. 

What kinds of Kids Probiotics should I choose for my children?

At The Good Vitamin Co, we supply a deliciously moreish Kids Probiotic that is jam-packed with our patented combination of good bacterias and yeast - LactoSpore® and Lactobacillus DDS®-1 to create effective support for little tummies. We’re a little biased, but our customers aren’t - and they love our Good Kids Probiotics because of the flavour their kids ask for every day (sweet peach - yum!), and its natural and lifestyle-friendly ingredients list.

Vegan-Friendly Kids Probiotics

No animals were hurt in the making of our gummies! Our Good Kids Probiotics are 100% vegan-friendly with no added gelatin so that you can support your children’s gut health without feeling guilty about using our furry friends in the process. We use a fruit base, pectin, instead of animal products to create an easily digestible and guilt-free supplement for all the little loves in your lives. 

Allergy Conscious Kids Probiotics

Along with being Vegan and vegetarian suitable, our kids' probiotics are free of gluten, dairy, egg, nuts and soy - making them accessible for almost any dietary requirement for everyday support. As a bonus, they are not sugar-coated to bat off those unwanted highs and crashing lows and are also Halal Certified. 

While it’s important to stay on top of your probiotic intake all year round with the healthy consumption of probiotics either in the form of foods (yoghurt, kombucha) or in supplement gummy form - it’s especially crucial in the winter months. As we all know without being told, winter welcomes an extra barrage of germs and with the colder days - we are more susceptible to being grounded by ills and chills. Pre-empting this time by boosting your intake of rich vitamins and probiotics, you and your family can give yourselves the very best support for all the germs that will be fired your way. 

Support your kids this winter by supporting a strong immune system with our Good Kids Probiotics every day - one yummy gummy at a time! 

Shop Good Kids Probiotics now and start the winter support early!