Bone Health

Do you know why healthy bones matter? Our bones do all sorts of jobs for our bodies; they support our bodies, allow us to move, store and release fats and minerals, and protect our vital organs like our heart and brain from injury. 

Knowing all this makes it extremely important to learn all the bone health tips and tricks to keep your bones as strong as possible, so your body is supported to the max.

Here is what you need to know about bone health.

No Brittle Bones Here

Let’s bounce back to our playground-filled days, swinging from one bar to another and onto the balance bricks, feeling invincible. Wasn’t that just the prime time of our lives? Do you want to know how we’re able to do it? Bones. That’s what. 

What Roles do the Bones Play in our Bodies?

The bones in our bodies support us in more ways than one! Here’s a list of what they do for us.

  1. Provide structure and allows movement 

Our marvellous bones are the architectural structure of our bodies. Don’t get mistaken for their light weight. They are super strong. They’re strong enough to support our entire weight and help form our shape. An adult has a whopping 206 bones that work with our muscles and joints to support movement and hold our bodies together. 

  1. Protect and support organs

Bones act like armour to our internal organs, but instead of gearing up for battle, our bones protect us in everyday life. You won’t need to draw any swords or shields; your bones do it for you. Our skull shields our brains, our ribs are caged up to protect our heart and lungs, and our backbones protect our spine. How’s that for armoury? Your body is its own defence system.

  1. Produce blood cells

This one might be hard to believe, but most of our blood cells are produced in our bone marrow. Bone marrow is a soft and spongy material located at the centre of our bones. Our blood cells function to keep our bodies on the go; they carry oxygen from our lungs, distribute it throughout our bodies, and transport waste.

  1. Store and release vitamins and minerals

Think of bones like a super handy backpack; they keep all the necessary things you need in one place, and you can take anything you need out of it. But what’s stored inside are minerals like calcium and vitamin D. Our bones store these minerals and release them when our body needs them. 

  1. Store and release fat

In our bone marrow, we have specific cells that preserve fat for bone development, fat and cartilage cells for our bodies and our energy production. 

Is there anything our bones can’t do? Our trusty bones protect and provide for our bodies like no armour ever could. Although, definitely wear protective gear when you’re out getting active! Your bones do a bunch of goodness, but safety always comes first. 

Bone Health Tips and Tricks

Now that we know the role that bones play in our bodies, it’s time to learn all the tips and tricks to keep our bones as healthy as possible.

  • Keep your diet calcium-rich

Mums always know best! All the glorious times we were made to drink milk growing up was for a reason. They’re full of the good stuff, calcium! Calcium is a mineral that is great for healthy bones. You can find them in nuts, green leafy vegetables and low-fat dairy products. Minerals for bone health are essential; the easiest way to get them into your system is through food. Alternatively, you can find vitamins for bone health to meet your daily recommended.

  • Let’s get physical

For general health reasons, regular exercise is a great way to ensure your body stays at its peak. Not just that, bones get stronger when they’re active! Staying active is the best way to ensure you build strong bones and slow the rate of bone loss. 

  • Vitamin D is key

Things are always better in pairs, and that’s no different with vitamins and minerals! Vitamin D and calcium are a great duo to keep bones in tip-top shape. Vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium. We all know vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin, and as easy as it is to lay in the sun, too much sun exposure can lead to other health issues; it’s vital to get the right balance. One of the ways you can get vitamin D into your system is through food. Egg yolks, cheese and oily fish are full of vitamin D. 

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