6 Reasons Why Vitamin C is Great for Your Body

Vitamin C is the most popular vitamin on the market. It’s the vitamin everyone gravitates towards when feeling under the weather; we know all too well about glugging down orange juice. Nothing quenches a vitamin C thirst quite like a tall glass of orange juice. But vitamin C extends well over and beyond just oranges and orange juice. 

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You should know vitamin C shouldn’t just be taken when you’ve got the ills and chills. It would be best if you took them daily (keeping the recommended doses in mind, of course) to get all the great benefits. 

Here is a refresher on the daily recommended doses for vitamin C according to MayoClinic. Women are advised 75mg daily, and men are recommended 90mg daily. 

Now let’s get onto the 6 reasons why vitamin C is great for your body.

  • Scale Down Allergic Reactions

  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant as well as a natural antihistamine. When the body is exposed to an allergen, an inflammatory chemical called histamine gets released from the body. Vitamin C slows down the body’s allergic reaction by decreasing the body’s histamine production. 

    Vitamin C can reduce mild symptoms like a runny nose and watery eyes if you suffer from hay fever. So next time you take hayfever medication, pop in some vitamin C! 

  • Support Your Immune System 

  • Vitamin C is the best supplement for boosting immunity. Research shows that vitamin C is essential for tissue repair and growth all over the body. You could call vitamin C the superhero of all vitamins. It definitely packs a beneficial punch to the body’s immunity! 

    The only downside to vitamin C is that the body doesn’t produce it; it’s water-soluble, meaning it doesn’t store it anywhere throughout the body. You can only get vitamin C into your body through the foods you eat or supplements. This means it’s super important we make a conscious effort to eat as much vitamin C rich food as possible.

    Here are some great sources of vitamin C rich food to slip into your diet. 

    • Sweet and satisfying strawberries
    • Bright and beautiful broccoli
    • Perky pineapples
    • The popular potatoes
    • Kind on the tummy kiwifruit
    • Cheerful cauliflower

    Just be sure to remember that different cooking methods may reduce the amount of vitamin C. Still, steaming vegetables is the best way to retain their vitamins.

  • Nip Iron Deficiency in the Bud

  • From our previous blogs, we all know how important iron is for our moving bodies. Iron is a crucial nutrient that has countless functions in our bodies. 

    For our vegan friends, it’s imperative to keep your iron levels healthy since meat is the primary food source of iron. We’ve got delicious Good Iron Gummies suitable for vegetarians and vegans! 

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    If you’ve clicked on the link, you would’ve seen that our Good Iron Supplements also come with vitamin C. This is because vitamin C supports the absorption of iron. How’s that for a superhero duo?

  • Beat the Fatigue

  • With our daily busy lives, all the hustle and bustle we do, from getting out of bed in the morning, then popping over to the gym, then getting ready for an entire work day and everything in between, our bodies go through a lot each and every day. 

    Vitamin C supports the body’s energy level and production by transporting fatty acids responsible for pumping out metabolic energy. 

  • Simplify Your Skincare

  • We all know vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, but did you know it plays a vital role in collagen production? Talk about a double whammy! Antioxidants are superb at preventing premature ageing, and collagen keeps skin firm and supple.

    Regularly ingesting vitamin C will lead to firm and fresh-looking skin. Skip the beauty regime filled with lotions, creams and facemasks, and start dissolving a single Good Vita-C Effervescent Tablet in water. They’re easy on tummies and effectively absorbed by bodies.

  • Stress Less

  • The adrenal glands (stress glands) need vitamin C to keep your body on the go. Vitamin C gets used up more than usual when your body is stressed. The antioxidants in vitamin C support the body by controlling cortisol levels which trigger stress. A 2018 study found that people with anxiety who’ve taken vitamin C had decreased stress and anxiety levels. 

    Good Vitamin Co’s very own Vitamin C Supplements

    As far as vitamins go, vitamin C has a reputation unlike any other vitamin. Feeling under the weather? The answer is vitamin C. Need an instant hit of refreshing energy? Again, the answer is vitamin C. Vitamin C is just the go-to for an extra boost and general well-being. 

    If these 6 reasons why vitamin C is great for your body don’t make you want to run out and load up on vitamin C rich foods or supplements, we don’t know what will. It’s time to let your body thrive! 

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