Day & Night Fizzy Duo Bundle



Support your muscular recovery and skeletal health with a deliciously fizzy orange dose of our magnesium effervescent tablet supplement. Magnesium allows your body to settle, relax and let your muscles unwind for a supported sleep and proper recovery. Just one effervescent tablet dropped and dissolved in a glass of water provides an easy, tasty drink that delivers all the goodness of magnesium and added vitamin c that you need daily. No need to swallow tough tablets! Relax and sip on your vitamin-packed drink, knowing you’re getting easy support for your muscles, restful sleep, healthy nerves, immune system and water intake every day with our zesty dissolvable effervescent tablets. 



Jam-packed with 15 different nutrients and vitamins, our multivitamins effervescent tablets are the dissolvable supplement covering all of your bases. With support for your immune system, muscle recovery, bone health, nervous system, skin, nails, hair and overall wellness - our effervescent tablets create a yummy, healthy drink as a delicious alternative to swallowing tough tablets. Simply pop a single multivitamin effervescent tablet into a glass of water, watch it bubble and fizz and then enjoy. Deliciously flavoured with zesty lemon, it’s a supplement that is simple to consume at any time of the day.